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July 7, 2016 4 minute READ

Grandma's Cures for Summer's Bumps & Bruises

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We all enjoy getting outside and taking advantage of the longer daylight hours in the summertime, but an abundance of outdoor activities often leads to the need to give our bodies a little extra TLC. Thankfully, grandma’s old timey cures have withstood the test of time. From soothing sunburns and softening “gardener’s hands” to helping heal cuts and repelling pesky mosquitoes, we offer a few of our favorite cures for summer bumps and bruises: grandma approved! And best yet, all of these cures are made in the USA.

grandma-approved-1.jpgHumphrey's Witch Hazel
Witch hazel is a topical astringent made from the bark and leaves of the North American witch-hazel shrub (pictured at right). This versatile product’s helpful uses are seemingly endless. Among them, witch hazel helps fade bruises and blemishes. It also helps brighten dark eyes and reduce puffiness, which is hugely helpful for hay fever and allergy sufferers. Also apply witch hazel to minor scrapes and cuts to help stop the bleeding.

But wait! There's more!  Witch hazel helps dry up "swimmer's ear," too. Simply draw several drops into an eye dropper, insert into the ear and squeeze of few drops into the canal. Allow your ears to drain into a cotton swab and repeat as needed.

You can also soothe a diaper rash, cool down a sunburn, and ease the pain and itching of bug bites and stings all with regular topical application of witch hazel. Pick up a bottle of your own Humphrey's Witch Hazel by clicking HERE.

grandma-approved-2.jpgPeppermint Stick Natural Headache Relief
This peppermint stick offers headache relief without having to take medication. Made with peppermint oil (pictured at left), rosemary oil, and pure menthol, you can relieve headaches, neck tension, and congestion by simply rubbing the stick on your temples, neck, and forehead.

Greta, a buyer at Mast Store, raves, ""When I first tried it, I was amazed at how quickly it could relieve my headaches. I would rub some on my forehead across to my temples, and I was feeling relief within 10 minutes. The menthol is cooling and the aroma helps to relieve your headache almost instantly. The Peppermint Stick Natural Headache Relief is a true wonder, and it’s made in the USA."
Get your own by clicking HERE.

grandma-approved-3.jpgBadger Balm for Hardworking Hands
Based in New Hampshire, Badger Balm has been helping folks soothe and heal their bodies the natural way for decades. This small, family-owned and family-run company's flagship product, Badger Balm for Dry and Cracked Hands, is so ultra-moisturizing and ultra-rich that it's been said that it could heal the cracks in the Grand Canyon!

While we don’t know if that’s true, what we do know is that this balm smooths and softens even the most rough, weathered, chapped, and cracked skin. With delicate scent of sweet birch, gardeners love this product. It's even gentle enough for folks with sensitive skin.

Take home a tin of your own by clicking HERE.

Waynesville, North Carolina's own Whup-A-Bug has been a Mast favorite go-to all-natural insect repellant for years. This incredible product was developed and tested in the most fierce areas of the world — in the delta region of Nigeria, the jungles of Belize, the swamps of Louisiana, and the forests of North Carolina.

Made with 100% pure essential oils and containing no DEET, Whup-A-Bug is the most powerful all-natural insect deterrent on the market. Try it for yourself by clicking HERE.

grandma-approved-5.jpgBag Balm
Vermont's own legendary Bag Balm has been saving skin for over 115 years. It helps soothe scratches, skin irritations, cuts, and even paw abrasions. A fixture at farms across the country, folks love this product so much because it goes on fast and stays on. Bag Balm is loaded with lanolin, so it's safe for horses, cattle, and other domestic animals.

Alaina, a writer at Mast Store, shares, "My husband has worked in kitchens for years, and he swears by Bag Balm to heal his cracked hands. It also helps soothe his skin after a few hours of chopping wood. It's a miracle hand-saver!"

Grab a tin by clicking HERE.


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