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From the first boat shoe to today's styles, Sperry exists for those drawn to the sun, surf and soul of the ocean. Paul Sperry nearly lost his life in 1935 while sailing in rough seas and struggling to have sure footing. While searching for solution, he spied a dog walking effortlessly across a frozen pond. Eureka! Taking gum rubber and cutting grooves in the sole of the shoe, like those found on a dog's pads, he'd found the answer and created the world's first boat shoe.


Sperry's footwear served in the Navy in WWII and is the shoe of choice for the America's Cup. According to the Official Preppy Handbook, the Original Sperry Top-Sider is the footwear symbol of classic Prep style. Today's Top-Siders and other styles hold true to the maker's heritage in quality and design.

Men's Authentic Original 2 Eye Sahara Men's Authentic Original 2 Eye Sahara
sperry top-sider


Men's Mako 2 Eye Amaretto Men's Mako 2 Eye Amaretto
sperry top-sider


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