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John & Faye Cooper purchased the store in 1979 and set out on a journey of discovery. They moved their young family into the top two floors of the store and began the work of preparing to open. There were many questions, but the two most important were 1. What do we need to fit in with our community? And 2. What would an old general store carry that is still useful to our neighbors? That's where they started.



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  • July 10, 2024 11 minute READ
    The Green Grass Cloggers, courtesy of Mountain Home Music and Lonnie Webster

    Tap into Tradition: The Evolution of Clogging

    Did you know the State of North Carolina’s official folk dance is clogging? Yep, the North Carolina General Assembly adopted clogging as the state’s folk dance and shagging as the state’s official popular dance in an act executed on July 20, 2005. That’s recent history, but the roots of clogging extend to the country’s colonial period and even before. Photo courtesy of Joe Shannon's Mountain Home Music and Lonnie Webster. ...read more

    tags-icon Local Flavor | Travel

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  • June 27, 2024 11 minute READ
    It's a good day for a picnic or cookout

    Looks Like a Good Day for a Picnic

    Who can forget one of Yogi Bear’s favorite catchphrases, “A pic-a-nic basket has everything a bear needs?” Jellystone Park was definitely a perfect place to enjoy a meal alfresco, but did you know that picnics were affairs originally held indoors? And that there is science behind many of the foods commonly found nestled in a picnic hamper? Yep, there’s a reason we crave watermelon this time of year.   ...read more

    tags-icon At Home | Local Flavor | Recipes

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  • June 19, 2024 5 minute READ
    Lodge Cast Iron and Fiesta Tableware are both Made in the USA

    Making It in America

    The Fourth of July is the perfect time to reflect on what makes us American. We’re a unique people, to say the least, and among the best of our traits is our historic ability to come together – despite our different backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities – to create great things. ...read more

    tags-icon Local Flavor | Mast Family Favorites

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