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John & Faye Cooper purchased the store in 1979 and set out on a journey of discovery. They moved their young family into the top two floors of the store and began the work of preparing to open. There were many questions, but the two most important were 1. What do we need to fit in with our community? And 2. What would an old general store carry that is still useful to our neighbors? That's where they started.



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  • September 7, 2022 4 minute READ
     Set the Pantone for Fall

    Set the Pantone for Fall

    Drum roll, please. The Pantone Color Institute has rolled out the Fall/Winter color palette or 2022-2023, and it is filled with colorful contradictions. Typically, colors in the fall and winter tend to be a little muted and more rooted in the happenings of nature’s calendar. Think browns, greens, and muted tones of red and orange. This year, you’ll see those colors mixed in with bright Rose Violet and the pastel tints of Nosegay and  Waterspout. ...read more

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  • September 2, 2022 6 minute READ
    Friends Day is September 10, 2022

    Friends Day is September 10, 2022

    Friends Day recognizes organizations that work in each of our hometowns to activate volunteers around beautiful community assets, which contribute to residents’ quality of life and the economic viability of the region. On September 10, each Mast Store location will donate 10% of the day’s sales to benefit the efforts of its local partner. Guests may also round up their purchases to provide additional support September 9-11. ...read more

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  • August 23, 2022 5 minute READ
    It's Wedding Season

    It's Wedding Season

    Weddings are big events bringing together members of two families to celebrate their union into one bigger family. There’s usually a ceremony, probably some drama, good food, maybe a little drink, and stacks of gifts. Many weddings were delayed because of the pandemic, so this year’s wedding season is super busy. We’ve pulled together several thoughtful gifts that are perfect for any couple requesting your presence at their nuptials. ...read more

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