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There’s a few things that aren’t too common anymore: family values, good work ethic, and genuine craftsmanship. Iron Mountain Metal Craft is a fine, 4th generation family business from the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains that promotes these admirable qualities and so much more.

Every knife is made by Robby Bowman and his son, Andrew. Together they carry on the blacksmithing tradition by tossing all of those new-fangled technologies aside and doing things the good old fashioned way – by hand. With forge and anvil, they heat, hammer out, and carbon treat each blade to make a better, stronger steel knife. With enough novelty to be a keepsake, and enough quality to be used every day, these knives make for great gifts.

MADE IN USA Horseshoe Knife - Large Horseshoe Knife - Large
iron mountain metal craft


MADE IN USA Pony Horseshoe Knife Pony Horseshoe Knife
iron mountain metal craft


MADE IN USA Railroad Spike Knife - Large Railroad Spike Knife - Large
iron mountain metal craft


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