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Celebrating Made in USA

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The Original Mast Store in Valle Crucis flies its United States flag daily

People of all backgrounds come together in the United States to make our country perhaps the most unique and prosperous nation the world has ever known. Over the course of our history, and still today, we produce goods incorporating the wide-ranging skillsets, customs, talents, and ideas that reflect the diversity of all Americans.

What we make here in America represents our many – sometimes seemingly contradictory – values. American-made goods showcase our dual beliefs in ingenuity and tradition; originality and nostalgia; artistry and practicality; and leisure and diligence.

As the founding principle of our nation suggests, we exercise the freedom to create things that make our work more efficient and our lives more enjoyable. And, as always has been the case for the United States, achieving a balance between our many convictions makes us a richer nation economically and culturally and drives us forward.

Mast General Store is proud to fill approximately 30 percent of our store’s overall inventory with products that are primarily – if not completely – Made in USA. In our Mercantile, which carries many regionally-produced foods and locally-crafted goods, that figure is closer to 50 percent.

While we’re proud our numbers are sizably more than the retail industry average of 15 percent or less, we also acknowledge that it’s not always possible, let alone practical, to source many exclusively American-made goods when so many items that make up what we wear every day – down to our buttons, zippers, and shoelaces – are produced far less expensively overseas.

Still, the Mast Store makes a dedicated effort to buy and promote American-made goods according to our company’s budget whenever and wherever possible, just as we, as individual consumers, do our best to budget for in our own day-to-day shopping.

Visit the Mast Store’s Made in USA section of Mast Store Online for a comprehensive product selection that includes personal care items, kitchenware, knives, outdoor gear, toys, and more to celebrate the Fourth of July today and every day!

Here, we’re featuring just a sampling of our favorite Made in USA brands to showcase the diversity of all the goods – and good – we make in this country!

SpicewallaFounded by a James Beard Award-winning chef, Spicewalla roasts, grinds, and packs all of its spice blends in carefully-crafted, small batches. The company even sources and ships its products in small quantities to ensure maximum freshness. For home chefs and pros alike, Spicewalla’s unique take on classic blends like Carolina BBQ Rub and Cajun Seasoning or innovative Signature Blends like Golden Mocha and Lavender Lemon Sugar are sure to tickle tastebuds at any summer cookout!


Oowee Products
Oowee is made in AshevilleOowee Products is an Asheville-based leather manufacturer that takes the legacy of its craft seriously. Handmaking all of its products from 100% natural cowhide leather, each item is built to last in addition to being biodegradable. Oowee Products also works with the Autism Society of North Carolina to provide jobs for individuals on the Autism spectrum.


Stuart Nye Hand Wrought Jewelry
Stuart Nye Hand Wrought JewelryDrawing inspiration from nature and taking pride in the long heritage of mountain craftspeople, Stuart Nye Hand Wrought Jewelry produces timeless, quality pieces that are both eye-catching, original, and affordable. The company is celebrating 90 years of "jewelry for generations" this year (2023).


Asheville Tea Company
Asheville TeasCollaborating with a select network of regional farmers, Asheville Tea Company cultivates the rich essence of the Southern Appalachian Mountains in each of its blends. Brew and sip slowly to take part not only in the grand cultural tradition of tea-drinking, but also in tasting the distinct terroir of the mountain landscape just outside the company's backdoor.


Earth Sky + Water
Notecards from Earth Sky + WaterCreating stunning stationery and handy hiking guides, Earth Sky + Water is a boutique publishing firm that uses realistic depictions of hand-illustrated animals and natural scenes. Whether you’re heading out on a trail and need a laminated identification guide for birds or star constellations or you’re wanting to send a nature-lover in your life a thoughtful, handwritten card, any Earth Sky + Water publication conveys quality and care.


Channel Craft
Channel Craft games and activitiesChannel Craft toys and games are authentically American. Never sold in chain retailers or discount stores, these exclusively Made in USA novelties will entertain a new generation of kids as well as anyone who’s young at heart.

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