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June 19, 2024 5 minute READ

Making It in America

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Lodge Cast Iron and Fiesta Tableware are both Made in the USA

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to reflect on what makes us American. We’re a unique people, to say the least, and among the best of our traits is our historic ability to come together – despite our different backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities – to create great things.

What we make in this country reflects our varied national composition, our ingenuity, and our passions. Americans proudly design and produce quality items that are built to last. 

And like the people who make them, these goods represent a balance that itself is purely American where originality meets tradition, artistry meets resourcefulness, and grit meets sophistication.

At Mast General Store, our buying team makes a concerted effort to seek out goods with a tiered focus to ensure that Made in USA products find their way to the shelves of our stores. That prioritization looks first to our home communities; then, regionally; and finally, at the national level. 

While it’s not always feasible, let alone practical, to pay the cost differential in purchasing American-made goods for Mast as a company or for us all as consumers, it’s important to buy American whenever possible. 

The national average for U.S.-made products carried by American retailers is less than 15%. Mast buyers estimate that our stores carry approximately 30% Made in USA goods with the majority of them found in our Mercantile Department.

We recognize there’s room for growth. But building support for buying American goods requires increasing your own awareness and changing your habitats. Before the 2020 pandemic, the Mast Store had a selection of about 20% Made in USA goods. We’re making a point to work hard and improve, and we encourage you, as consumers, to do the same. That’s what America is all about.

Made in USA Roadmap

Visit the Made in USA section of Mast Store Online for a comprehensive product selection that includes hundreds of personal care items, kitchenware, knives, outdoor gear, toys, and more! 

If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, enjoy a more personal experience shopping for American-made goods at Mast’s sister store, Rivercross Made in USA on your next trip to Valle Crucis. This gorgeous gallery in the Mast Family of Stores is situated next door to the Original Mast Store and features fine arts, ceramics, crafts, and jewelry – many of which are made in the Mast Store’s home region and not available at other Mast locations.

Here, we’re highlighting a sampling of some of our favorite Made in USA products. Take a look and discover them for yourself in your local Mast Store. 


Most of us are familiar with Lodge’s legacy of producing durable, long-lasting cast iron cookware. Having been around since 1896, you may have even inherited a Lodge skillet or two from your grandma or great-grandma. Today, the Tennessee-based company has expanded its line to offer cleaning gear, seasoning spray, rubber grips, and even baking mixes. Try Lodge’s Skillet Cornbread Mix and wow your summer cookout guests with a taste of downhome goodness!


Fulton & Roark CologneSpeaking of wowing dinner guests, Fiesta tableware adds a colorful pop to any spread and for any occasion. First released by designer Homer Laughlin in 1936, the line was revived in the mid-80s and is the most collected line of dinnerware in United States’ history. Talk about an American icon! Fiesta releases new, eye-catching colors each year, enhancing its enduring, eternally-collectible appeal. This year’s color release is Sky.

Fulton & Roark

Originating in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Fulton & Roark is an American Fine Fragrance company. Its award-winning line of solid colognes capture the essence of settings from the mountains to the sea and all the inspiring destinations in between. Its stylish, refillable casings make it easy to apply your scent of choice on-the-go for an anytime, invigorating refresher as you travel from one corner of this great nation to the next.


SoulKuManifest goodness through intentionality. Handcrafted by moms in Asheville, North Carolina, SoulKu infuses its jewelry with positive energy to celebrate, inspire, connect, and empower women. Semi-precious and luxe gemstones adorn captivating bracelets, necklaces, and earrings designed to inspire wearers through specific wishes for inner transformation. Each piece is signed with love by the Mama who made it. Be purposeful as you radiate joy and beauty with SoulKu.

Farm to Feet

Farm to Feet uses an all-American recipe to craft some of the highest-quality, performance-driven merino wool socks on the market. Each pair is produced, processed, and knitted by U.S. workers in U.S. companies. Farm to Feet’s entire “closely knit” supply chain exists within 300 miles of its sustainably-focused manufacturing facility in Mount Airy, North Carolina, with a goal to have as small of an impact on the environment as possible. These premium, moisture-wicking socks feature original designs inspired by local art, pastimes, and natural landscapes.

Darn Tough

Darn Tough and Farm to Feet socksMade by Vermont-based Cabot Hosiery, Darn Tough socks are produced from ethically-sourced merino wool. As a nod to their American-made quality, each pair is guaranteed for life. From high density knits for durability to ring-toe construction with invisible seams for comfort, it’s apparent that Darn Tough has thought through all the details of its products’ design. Founded 20 years ago by a third-generation sock maker, who left a comfortable office job to save his family’s textile manufacturing business, even the story of Darn Tough’s origin speaks to the will, entrepreneurial drive, and resolve of the American spirit.

This Fourth of July, celebrate our nation for the diversity of all the goods – and good – we make in this country! Please, remember to be a conscious consumer and buy American goods whenever your family’s budget allows. You’ll very likely find these products will last longer and provide more bang for your buck in the long run.  

Happy Independence Day to you and yours from Mast Store!

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