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December 4, 2018 9 minute READ

Top 13 Gifts Under $25

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Whether your family caps gift values, you're secret Santa-ing, or you're looking to get quality gifts without breaking the bank, Mast Store has a baker's dozen of our top sellers under $25 that will still have you holding steady in your spot as #1 gift-giver . . . and we tacked on our top 5 that are just a few dollars more in case you want to stretch that budge a bit. 

Handwarmer MugHandwarmer Mug 

These Handwarmer Mugs are a customer favorite. The clever, innovative mug features a cozy nook for your hand to warm up and comes in a variety of colors-- and in styles for lefties and righties alike. Talk about tailor-made for someone special! You'll love these cozy-nook mugs as much as your giftees. And they are made in the USA.

Stanley QuencherStanley Vacuum Quencher 

Gulp, sip, or keep it a lid on it so whatever you're drinking is kept hot or cold for hours. Great for the coffee lover, the iced-tea drinker, or just the water guzzler who likes it cool, the Stanley Adventure Vacuum Quencher travel mug will take care of you on the go. It's made from stainless steel, fits in the car cup holder, and is insulated for hours of temperature regulation-- oh, and it and its 3-position lid are dishwasher safe, definitely a bonus feature.

Flower of the Month braceletFlower of the Month Bracelets

Say it with flowers . . . on a bracelet. Another popular gift idea is our Flower of the Month bracelets. These unique and beautiful bracelets come in a variety of floral designs to mark each month. They make great keepsakes for birthdays or those special life events you'd like to commemorate for your friends and family.    






Yaktrax WalkerYaktrax 

When you've got to make tracks-- and do it in the snow-- these are your go-to essentials. Designed with a low profile and hand-wound coils, these puppies dig into the snow and ice to keep you stable and walking naturally. They fit most any footwear for sure-footed traction on otherwise dicey and icy surfaces. Yaktrax are perfect for anyone who ventures out-of-doors in the winter, even if it's just to de-ice the driveway. 

Little Red Wagon
Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon

Quintessential Christmas toy! Imagination fuel and fun on wheels, this Little Red Wagon is sure to bring hours of happy play to a kid who likes to be active and has a load to carry. Whether it's hauling dolly to the doctor or bricks to build a castle, a mini wagon brings the old-fashioned fun to a new generation. 



Etch a SketchEtch A Sketch 

Another toy with a sky's-the-limit amount of fun. Etch A Sketch engages the mind and banks on a child's, or adult's, creative resources. Build up those stores with this enduring design that allows artistic expression, mathematical genius, and problem-solving to mingle right and left brains for optimal imaginative play.



The Buff is a versatile accessory. You can wear it a variety of ways, including pulling it up over your head for a quick protection against the rain, snow, wind-- or getting recognized when you were trying to fly under the radar. However you choose to use the Buff, you'll love its technical features. Made of microfiber that wicks away moisture for fast-drying, it helps you maintain body temp, protects against UV rays, and stretches to accommodate the wearer's preferences. It comes in several colors and even a merino wool option for more extreme cold. 

Apple PeelerApple Peeler 

A must-have item for any kitchen! Gadgets may come and go as the hot new thing becomes yesterday's news, but not this tried-and-true invention. The Apple Peeler is a time-saver that makes life so much easier, especially if you are peeling several apples for filling pies, cooking up applesauce, or, our favorite, canning apple butter. The suction mount allows the peeler to attach to any smooth surface, and when you use this delightful device, your prep work and the bulk of the entire process is faster and more efficient, not to mention fun. Get the whole family involved in peeling and make sweet memories alongside all the delicious goodies. 

KAVU WalletKAVU Big Spender Wallet 

Know someone who could use a purse intervention? Maybe even yourself? Guilty! Get those finances organized with the Big Spender. It has a place for everything to keep everything in its place. Cards, cash, checks, coupons, whatever you're carrying on-the-go. The durable cotton canvas is designed as a tri-fold for easy access and convenience. There's even a place for your pen so you don't have to use that germy, grimy, gunked up one at the cash register. Eww. Do yourself or your friends a favor and carry a KAVU Big Spender. 

Rock'em SocksRock Em Socks 

Want to literally be a walking billboard for your favorite college team? Don some Rock Em socks and show your school pride even in da' feet. These collegiate favorites feature breathable construction, padded soles and toebox, and fun designs sure to having fans cheering for this thoughtful gift. 





Board GamesClue

Whodunit? Get the gift that will bring the whole group together when you get a Clue. This classic game has stood the test of time, bringing friends and families to the table for entertainment that sharpens your detective skills and has you playing out several scenarios for fun that can end up with anyone as your main suspect. My money's on that shifty Miss Scarlet . . . 


Small multi-toolDime Micro Tool

Gerber has created a multi-tool with a lot of function in a small package. This handy tool is made of 3CR13 stainless steel and features spring-loaded pliers, wire cutters, tweezers, scissors, a file, a fine edge blade, cross driver, flat driver, package opener, and a bottle opener. Yeah, it's a lot rolled into one convenient and efficient tool that's sure to please anyone-- a gift good for him or her because everyone could use a little more ease-of-living packed into one design, ie less clutter, more function. Yes, please.

Beard oil and balmBadger Beard Oil 

For that rugged individual who prides himself on his well-groomed beard, we give you Badger Beard Oil. This popular product protects and nourishes hair, keeping the beard healthy and aesthetically pleasing. And the Certified Organic status means it is free of any yucky stuff you wouldn't want on your face. 


And if you are looking to spend just a tad more . . . 

Top 5 Stretch-Your-Budget Items

CandlesA.I. Root Candles 

Wick-ed cool candles from A. I. Root are great gifts for that person who needs a little self-care or simply for anyone who wants to spruce up their décor with a soothing ambiance and aesthetic. These are under $25 individually, but we encourage you to grab several because they make a great trio, are perfect for bundling into a curated gift, or make the perfect all-in set gifted as an entire line of scents to help unwind, destress, and center yourself. Bottom line, these candles are simply divine. They're earth friendly too, which means you don't have to worry about what's in the wick or the fragrances you are inhaling because they are naturally sourced with essential oils, holistic soy, and a wooden wick. Simply ideal.

Andar WalletAndar Wallets

Keeping it light. These two styles of Andar Wallet keep cash, credit cards, and IDs safe, secure, and organized in a slim wallet style made of leather but also sporting RFID blocking material. The wallets feature several slots in this no-fold design and keeps your stuff at the ready for easy access and no-fuss frills that you want for on-the-go whether you're traveling or just need to keep the chiro happy. Get either of these for under $30!

          The Scout  Pictured left

          The Monarch Pictured right

Sweatshirt BlanketsSweatshirt Blanket 

Is anything quite as comfy and cozy as your favorite sweatshirt? Yes! We married that with a cozy blanket and viola! twice as nice! Take this with you to the home game to keep you warm in the stands, or wrap up with it on the couch with a good book and a big ol' mug of cocoa. However you spend your time under wraps, you'll enjoy next-level comfort with this pretty-much-perfect accessory everyone will be claiming! So, maybe get several, one for everyone in the family so no one will have to be left out in the cold. 

Powerstretch GlovesGloves for Him and Her, Powerstretch Ultra Touchtips

Keep the bitter cold at bay with these gloves built for warmth and utility. They are crafted with Polartec Power Stretch material for dexterity and use, such as on your phone or other surfaces where a naked fingertip would normally be necessary. And they're built for grip too with the Silcone Control Trax. Of course, they stand up to the cold and are excellent on the trail or for outdoor tasks where flexibility is paramount. You'll love the use you'll get out of these practical gloves, for men and women. His Pictured Right; Hers Pictured left.

CandyAnd last but not least . . . CANDY!

Sugar Plum visions dancing in the kids' heads? Yours too? Get it by the pounds! With over 500 varieties to choose from, we have most every candy you'll need. Stuff everyone’s stocking with all-time favorites like GooGoo Clusters, Charleston Chews, Sugar Daddy, and Slow Pokes as well as an array of assorted gummies, hard candies, chocolates, caramels, nougats, taffies, gums, and more!


We hope these selections help you gift in style! 




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