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November 28, 2018 9 minute READ

Your Persona Personal Shopper

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Struggling to come up with gifts for those certain individuals on your list? We’ve curated some gifts to suit many personalities in your gifting circle. Read the descriptions, then refer to your list. We bet you’ll see some of these personas that need a check mark by their names. Find them below with our recommendations!

PragmatistThe Pragmatist – The pragmatic person is that guy or gal to whom you go for the best advice, the clearest thinking, and the most practical ideas for everything under the sun. They value useful things, items that won’t become junk or dust-gatherers on the shelf. For that persona, we recommend some of our most sought-after practical gifts.

SOG Key Knife 

Useful, practical, and always with you. Put it on your key ring, and any time you have to open a package, trim a stray thread, or peel an apple, the Key Knife is ready, willing, and able.

Luci Light 

Illuminate your space with these inflatable lights that can be easily stored anywhere. Their batteries are charged with sunlight and radiate enough to aid you in essential tasks when the lights go out or the power fails or the campsite requires a little extra ambiance.

Goal Zero Flip 10 Device Charger 

Your go-to for power on the go. The Goal Zero Flip 10 will recharge your favorite devices, ensuring you’re never without your phone or your music. It fits in your pocket or purse for portable ease, so you can boost your smartphone or other devices for at least a 25% charge (smartphones can get a 60-100% boost!).


Fashion SavvyThe Fashion-Savvy – This person has it all together, and it’s probably color-coordinated. A fashion-savvy individual such as this can look in their closet and put together a look worthy of the runway. So, you need to think “hot new items” and/or enduring looks like the ones we’ve gathered below.

Women’s Dylan Stadium Pullover 

Got a tailgating party? Spending some time in the stands cheering on your favorite team? Do it in style and warmth in the Women's Frosty Tip Stadium Pullover by Dylan. This cozy beauty is made of their signature plush high-pile fleece with a zip-through stand collar, a 1/4-zip closure, and long raglan sleeves. There are even on-seam hand pockets keep your hands warm in between their work starting the wave for the home team and the high fives after a long scoring run.

 Men’s Desert Pucker Shirt from Royal Robbins 

Looking fabulous is no mirage in the Desert Pucker shirt. He’ll look like a million bucks sporting this handsome modal/polyester blend. And it’s so soft and comfortable in the relaxed silhouette that makes for the perfect fit for most every build. It’s also wrinkle resistant and fast drying, which is great for the guy on the go who is fashion conscious even when traveling.

 Sweater Stone 

Consider giving them something to help maintain the beauty of their clothes with the sweater stone. Made of lightweight genuine pumice, this amazing product is even safe for cashmere. This handy item gets rid of pill and smooths picks so your clothes last and look good longer, which pleases the fashion-friendly persona.

The AdventurerThe Adventurer – An adventurer is always up for whatever you can throw at them. Nature is their living room, and they are right at home wherever you take them, whether it’s the top of a mountain or a local backwater. They are quick with first-hand advice and always willing to share their expertise.

Yeti Rambler  

Navigating the great outdoors is much better enjoyed when you keep your hot beverages hot and the cold ones cold. And that’s one less thing you have to worry about when you have one of these Ramblers by YETI. Made from BPA-free kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel, Ramblers cover every need from sipping coffee to carrying hot cider for the whole family. They feature double-wall vacuum insulation and a MagSlider Lid that will keep your liquids just as you poured them., hot or cold.

 Sawyer Squeeze Water Purifier  

No outdoorsperson would dare be without the quintessential item on every adventurer’s must-have list, the water purifier—clean water is essential for life and definitely for the trail.  Sawyer makes clean water a breeze. It’s even lightweight! Weighing a scant three ounces, this purifier puts the squeeze on contaminated water, giving you the freedom to go anywhere knowing your water source is safe.

 Black Diamond Revolt Head Lamp 

An adventure can be as close as your backyard at night while walking the dog or returning to your car after a 20-mile hike. With this Revolt head lamp leading the way, you can rage against the dying of the light and see your way clear to whatever is hiding in the dark.


The Precocious OneThe Precocious One – We all know a clever person who has a sly and wry sense of humor and an inquiring mind. They’re the ones interested in literally everything—your Renaissance men and women who put a finger in every pie and have several irons in the fire. They are easy to please as they are happy going down the rabbit hole with any topic or novelty. For them, simply pique their curiosity or engage their sense of the why behind the wonder. We’ve got a few clever ideas of our own below.

Whoopee cushion 

Not to toot our own horn, but this item is a gas! For your next friendly gathering, give your guests the best seat in the house. The precocious one will get a kick out of this old stand-by favorite, and it’s only .99 cents. It won’t break the bank … just the wind. And it’s guaranteed to get a laugh.


Choose the Spirograph to inspire and challenge minds, young and old. This classic deluxe set of your favorite geometric drawing toy allows you to create millions of designs with its re-engineered and updated model. It comes with pens, design paper and a full-color design guide that explains the fundamentals of drawing with the Spirograph as well as step-by-step instructions for coming up with your own designs.

 Magic Sleight of Hand by Ridley’s Magic

This set comes with several classic tricks, including the cup and ball, multi-balls, classic palm, and coin tricks. Astound your friends and annoy your neighbors with what’s up your sleeve. This item is in stores only at the moment for $14.99, but it can be purchased with a quick call to customer service at 866-FOR-MAST. Here’s a LINK to even more magic.


The FoodieThe Foodie – The Foodie has a palate like an artist, and we’re pretty sure they can actually taste colors too. Just try them. For a Foodie, the experience of eating is an event to be savored and enjoyed-- not just fuel for the body, but fuel for the imagination and the soul. Mast Store’s provisions have that covered with quirky and delicious options they’ll love!

Cackalacky Sauces 

The secret’s in the sauce, and while they’re not telling, you can grab a few jars at Mast Store. The sauces are aptly labeled “Famously Original,” and with flavors like the popular Sweet Cheerwine sauce, you can see why! Cackalacky sauces come in four unique flavors, so you’re bound to find a palate-pleaser for your barbeques. You can get three of the four flavors online, but If you want the unlisted hot version, simply call customer service at 866-FOR-MAST.

 Instantly Southern Cookbook, $16.99 in stores

We’ve got a cookbook for folks wanting to try their hand at Southern classics but also wanting to do it fast! This book shows you how to take the southern favorites everyone wants to enjoy and tweak them for Instapot success. The Foodie will love these culinary wonders that are crowd-pleasing treasures from traditions known for delicious flavors and hearty helpings. Get yours in the stores or call customer service for friendly assistance in adding it to your online order. And check out our other cookbooks HERE to find even more tasty delights. 

 Mast Store Branded Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 

A skillet so good we put our name on it! Lodge cast iron skillets are famous for how great they make your cornbread turn out as well as how amazingly long-lasting, durable, and versatile they are. Whether you’re car camping in your favorite state park or in the poshest of chef’s kitchens, Lodge Cast Iron has its place cooking up the best of meals!

And for more cast iron cookware, click HERE. 


For the one who has everythingThe One Who Has Everything – You name it, they've got it. From their overflowing closets to the stack of As-Seen-On-TV gadgets in their garage, the One Who Has Everything (OWHE) stumps even the most gifted of gift givers. But we'd like to think we've got a handle on the out-of-the-ordinary and not-your-run-of-the-mill quirky, cool, and clever picks that will surprise and delight OWHEs everywhere. 

Gout Rocker 

Got the agony of da’ feet? Simply need a cushy resting place for those barking dogs? Try the gout rocker! It was tailor-made for sore tootsies and boasts easing the discomfort of that particular malady. This gout rocker is one of the most unique items we carry. They are handmade in Waynesville, NC and are rightly a popular item here at home and with our customers across the US. We bet that one person on your list who has everything does not have this!

 Bird Seed Wreath 

The person who has everything just might want to give some of it away. What better way to celebrate the spirit of the season than by giving to our feathered friends in the cold months when food supply is hard to find. Our Bird Seed Wreath is as festive as it is practical and considerate. This is one of those items that would be perfect for anyone on your list.

 Handwarmer Mug 

Leftie? Rightie? Did you know there’s a mug specially crafted to fit your grip? Yes, the Handwarmer Mug actually comes in two options and several beautiful color schemes. For the one who has everything, receiving a specialty item that is handcrafted with a sleek design that has a unique finger-cozy pocket will be a new treat. These beauties are perfect for chilly nights, porch sitting, fire gazing, or just drinking your favorite hot beverage and enjoying the warmth the clever design offers.  With that in mind, why not get everyone one for each hand?


Stay tuned for more ideas throughout the season to make gift-giving a breeze.

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