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October 8, 2017 2 minute READ

Bear Wallow Books – Old-Fashioned Recipes for Modern Times

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University historian, J.S. Collister, found that her research repeatedly turned up recipes, which had been transported over land and sea, by caravan, clipper ship and covered wagon, over thousands of miles and nearly as many years. She discovered that sharing recipes was a long-treasured tradition, enjoyed by many cultures and many generations.


Collister’s interest in the tradition grew, along with her collection of historical recipes. When asked about persimmon recipes by an aunt, who had persimmon trees in her back yard, she saw an opportunity to carry on the tradition of sharing the many recipes she collected over the years. In 1978, Bear Wallow Books started with the publication of Old-Fashioned Persimmon Recipes, and it continues to share old-fashioned recipes with new generations.

bear-wallow-books-1.jpgThe little publishing company was named after a place near the Collister’s rural Indiana home, where past generations had watched bears wallow on hot summer days. The woods, hills and stream still look the same, but the only bears in the vicinity today are the ones in Bear Wallow Books.

Bear Wallow Books are chock full of old-fashioned recipes using most any fruit, vegetable, or staple imaginable from apple to zucchini and lots in between! Some of their recipe books highlight specific cultures such as the Amish, Native American, New England and the South within the American melting pot. You’ll enjoy reading the introductory notes, which touch upon early American history, origins of recipes, and historical persons or traditions associated with the subject at hand.

mast-store-annex.jpgThere’s a Bear Wallow book for every season and most every occasion. Our favorite summer selection is Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Recipes. Expand your horizons and try Grape or Orange Ice Cream, Butter Pecan, Pistachio, or Pineapple. Perhaps you'll just want to stick to old favorites like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Peach, or Peppermint. Whatever you decide, there are 85 recipes to choose from that include a variety of flavors of churned ice creams, ices and sherbets, parfaits, mousses, toppings, and more.

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For our other Bear Wallow books (made in the USA - Indiana, in fact!), take a peek HERE.

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