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August 23, 2022 5 minute READ

It's Wedding Season

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Weddings are big events bringing together members of two families to celebrate their union into one bigger family. There’s usually a ceremony, probably some drama, good food, maybe a little drink, and stacks of gifts. Many weddings were delayed because of the pandemic, so this year’s wedding season is super busy. We’ve pulled together several thoughtful gifts that are perfect for any couple requesting your presence at their nuptials.

Like everything else, wedding gifts have changed over time. People are marrying later in life; oftentimes couples have lived together before tying the knot, and people have lived on their own for a while before finding a mate. So, gone are china and silverware registries (for most couples) and the need for toasters and electric can openers, but that doesn’t mean that a curated collection of linens, cookware, and serving items aren’t appreciated.  

Fiesta TablewareFiesta Tableware is a wonderful option for everyday meals or for entertaining on special occasions. It’s a party for your table. The Homer Laughlin China Company made a colorful statement at the Pittsburgh Glass and China show in 1936. That’s when they introduced the first five colors of this highly collectible tableware. Choose place settings in one color or mix it up for a more casual and fun collection. New colors are added every year. 

Collins Lane BakerGifts to be used in the kitchen benefit everyone! The Collins Lane Bread Baker is handmade in the USA. It is a beautiful vessel to bake your bread, serving rolls, or to display flowers or fruit as a centerpiece. Baking bread can be a difficult undertaking, but a bread mix from Molly & You makes a tasty pairing for the bread baker. 

Chicken cookerThe happy couple doesn’t have to jet off on a safari to enjoy adventures. Every day can be a new excursion into the culinary universe. Using a cookbook as their guide, they can travel many different regions of the country and the world to discover different seasoning palates and interesting cooking tools, like this chicken cooker.    

CookbooksSpeaking of cookbooks, they are not just for cooking! They also share family and regional history and cultural traditions. We believe any newly wedded couple will find a story or two to enjoy along with tasty fare to serve up for the in-laws' visit in the Cash and Carter Family Cookbook. If throwing a meal together in a hurry is on the agenda, the This Will Make It Taste Good Cookbook by Vivian Howard will provide answers and inspiration.  

Handwarmer Mugs and CoffeeWeddings and all the hubbub before and after can be energy zapping, so this gift suggestion is beautiful, unique, and fully caffeinated to aid with writing all those thank you notes. Handwarmer Mugs are made in the USA, come in several different colors, and are available for lefties and righties (how thoughtful!). Pair them up with Mast Store’s most popular coffee, Jamaican Me Crazy, for a memorable gift to be enjoyed daily. 

Tea and honeyWe didn’t forget the tea drinkers! Put together a package including blends from American Classic Teas, which are grown on a tea plantation near Charleston, South Carolina, and beautifully packaged teas from Oliver Pluff & Company. Wildflower or Sourwood Honey from Mast Store makes the perfect sweetener.  

Bees and Mason CashLinens are a traditional wedding gift. Choosing a bee or a lemon design also makes them trendy. Traditional, trendy … and oh, so practical. Bee and lemon motifs remain on top of the home décor charts – and why wouldn’t we want to pay tribute to the bee and the lemon; they are charming and colorful. Couple them with a useful Mason Cash mixing bowl or two for whipping up a little something in the kitchen or for creating a welcoming display on the dinner table or in the hallway, and you have a thoughtful contribution to the couple’s new life together. 

Lodge Cast IronHere’s a gift that will keep on giving for generations – a cast iron skillet from Lodge. Grandmas and chefs alike tout the advantages of cooking with cast iron – it's naturally nonstick, it heats evenly, and it’s durable. A little rust? No problem, use a little steel wool and re-season in your oven. Cast iron cookware moves easily from the kitchen to the campfire, the cooktop to the oven or the grill, so its versatility is a plus. Be sure to include the Cast Iron Care & Keeping Handbook.  

Essayist Charles Dudley Warner observed, “The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.” When you give a gift with the fullness of your heart and good wishes for its receivers, the recipients are blessed twice over with both the gift itself and your thoughtfulness for a happy life together. 

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