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January 22, 2020 6 minute READ

9 Valentine's Day Gifts They'll Love

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Warning, warning … Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Now’s the time to make your gift selections to surprise your Valentine. We’ve scoured our stores to come up with nine gifts – some traditional and some you may never have considered for Valentine’s Day. We think they’ll connect with what’s important to your loved one and, by extension, to you, too. Let’s get started.

Flower of the Month Bracelets1. Flower of the Month bracelets – Flowers are a traditional gift, but let’s be honest, some of us aren’t blessed with a green thumb and will forget to water them on a regular basis or, if it’s a bouquet, it only lasts a few days. A Flower of the Month bracelet blooms perpetually – no water or care needed. There are two styles to choose from – the classic cuff or the dainty Nouveau. You may have to make a decision – do I get her birth month, her favorite flower, the month our relationship started, or a whole year’s worth of blooms? Whatever you decide, she’ll love it.

The General by Winkler Knives2. The General by Winkler Knives – This beautiful knife is made especially for the Mast General Store by our friends at Winkler Knives. The General features a custom handle showcasing the namesake view of Grandfather Mountain and the backside view that isn’t as easily recognized. You’ll notice Mast General Store stamped on the spine of the tang. Winkler Knives is located in Boone, NC and they are well-known in the law enforcement and military communities for their workmanship, usefulness, and beauty. Your Valentine will be impressed with your choice. 

Eagles Nest Outfitters Fuse Tandem3. Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammocks and Tandem Fuse – Wouldn’t it be great to hang out together? Well, with ENO Hammocks you have several options. You can choose a DoubleNest, so you can truly hang out in the same hammock, or, if you like being close but still enjoying a little personal space, try getting two SingleNest Hammocks and hanging them with the Fuse Tandem Hammock System. You’ll find favorite colors, the colors of your favorite teams, and favorite print designs. They can be used just about anywhere and in every season! Don’t forget to get a set of straps (very important for hanging out)!

Savannah Bee personal care4. Savannah Bee Personal Care – When Ted Dennard learned more about the lives of bees and their wonderful sweet elixir honey, his life was changed forever. As he says, “It’s all about the hive.” Honey has great healing properties for skin – it’s natural, it’s healthy, and it’s versatile. Make a collection of Savannah Bee's hand creams, body butters, salves, balms, and lotions to help the outer beauty stay as vibrant as your sweetheart’s inner being. The Whipped Honey Sample Set is also a delicious choice.

Eagle Creek Pack-It System5. Eagle Creek Pack-It Systems – If your sweetheart travels a lot or just a little, they’ll thank you for these packing organizers. Pack-It Cubes and Bags keep the suitcase or travel bag in ship shape by having everything in its place, neatly packaged for your arrival in your home away from home. There are answers for shoes, undies, shirts, pants, and even electronics. They save space making it easier to travel with a carry-on instead of checking a bag. Give ‘em a try. (And might we suggest a fun weekend trip as an add on for these?)

Hydro Flask Wine bottles and glasses6. Hydro Flask Wine Collection – Hydro Flask is known for its water and coffee bottles that keep whatever your favorite beverage is at its optimum temperature longer. Now, they’ve turned their attention to wine. Chill your favorite Chardonnay or Riesling and put it in the Hydro Flask wine bottle, then head out to your favorite spot for a picnic or to enjoy the sunset. It’ll be perfect! The wine tumblers make it easy to enjoy a nice Pinot Grigio or a bold Malbec – there’s even a lid that is particularly helpful in the summer months.  

QMT Windchimes7. Windchimes from QMT – These chimes are works of art and produce beautiful, soothing songs when played by the summer breeze. Yes, it may be a while before you can sit on the porch and enjoy them, but your Valentine will look forward to that part of the gift, too. QMT chimes are tuned, so their sounds are round, not “tinkle-y.” When you’re browsing the collection, click on the Video tab to see what they sound like. And, did you know you can get them in colors? Yep, plum, green, black, red, blue, and the traditional silver. 

Klean Kanteen8. Klean Kanteen Growlers and Stainless Pints – It seems that one can’t turn around these days without running into a new local brewery or two. They are popping up everywhere – sometimes in a friend’s backyard. Now, when the call comes in to taste test a new home brew, your sweetheart can arrive prepared to bring home a little more to “test.” Klean Kanteen works hard every day to find solutions to the single-use water and beverage container – with the growler and stainless pint, your Valentine will be doing their part, too.

Mini Candy Barrels9. A Candy Barrel filled with a Favorite Candy – Everybody loves walking through barrel after barrel filled with candies. It’s like revisiting your childhood with all of those memories of tasting Space Dust and Pop Rocks for the first time, discovering what was inside a Zotz, wearing a candy necklace, or enjoying a Cow Tale. You can capture part of that magic with these mini Candy Barrels filled with old-fashioned candy. These are available in stores, too. 

That’s the short list of ideas. Stop by any of our locations for even more tips – we are always happy to help out with suggestions, just ask and tell us a little about the person you are trying to find a gift for. We wish you and your sweetheart a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Many thanks to Jez Timms on Unsplash for the photo. 

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