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An Interview with a Tree

July 12, 2017|  2 Comments

Capturing the oral history of our parents and grandparents can be an interesting adventure. Posing questions at the supper table during family holiday gatherings reveals life's highs and lows, which are often related with humor once the elation and the sting have had a chance to fade. It’s how we learn more about who we are and where we came from as people. But have you ever thought about interviewing a tree? In the wake of a storm on May 19, 2017, we imagined what it would be like to interview a tree, who has called Valle Crucis home for 300 or more years. The result is this article.

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Celebrating Made in America

June 28, 2017|  1 Comments

The rumor on the street is that nothing is made in the USA any longer. In actuality, there is still a lot of manufacturing happening within the states. It accounts for about 36% of the nation’s gross national product, according to an article in MarketWatch from 2016. Manufacturing in some quarters is on the upswing, particularly if the product is highly regulated or requires specialized training to produce.

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