NPS Centennial: Wildlife Encounters in Rocky Mountain National Park



“Whoa, what is that?” I screamed with excitement. “It’s an elk,” my friend Cathy responded.  I had never seen such a creature.  It was amazing, and what made it even more amazing was the beautiful alpine tundra on which the elk and its counterparts were standing.  We had made it…Rocky Mountain National Park. This place was not like anything I had ever seen or experienced before.

Rockies-Renea-1.jpgIn spite of our Chevy Celebrity Eurosport spewing anti-freeze, and my dear friend Rob asking one of the park rangers if we could have forest fires (of course, he meant to say camp fires), the park staff were a great help and welcomed our enthusiasm. Though it was the middle of summer, we experienced cool, high-altitude days along with crisp alpine nights, and we loved every minute of it.

Upon leaving the park, a big horn sheep scurried down a steep embankment and ran out in front of the Eurosport.  Now that was exciting!

Even then (28 years ago), I knew this was the experience of a life time and something I would treasure forever. Oh, how I do!

- Renea, Mast Store Home Office

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