Manual Woodworkers Pillows from the Mountains of Western North Carolina



Manual Woodworkers is based in the mountains of Western North Carolina and calls Hendersonville home – which is also home to one of our Mast Stores. Since its beginnings in 1932, Manual Woodworkers has proven its ability to identify trends in the gift and decorative accessories industry and has been ranked #1 in Home Decor by Gift Beat Magazine. Three generations of this family-owned company operate with a commitment to providing quality, American-made products.

manual-woodworkers-2.jpgFind a few of our favorite HERE, including this colorful decorative pillow. Add a little avian charm to your sofa with this Climaweave Usual Suspects Pillow from Manual Woodworkers. Made of digitally-printed fabric, it features two wires filled with vibrantly-colored songbirds on one side and multi-colored dots on the other. A lovely accent to your home or patio decor, and certain to elicit a few chirps and tweets from guests.