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October 11, 2017 3 minute READ

What Mast Means to You

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This past June, one of our new Facebook friends asked us an excellent question. We posed her question to our 25,000 “friends on the internet” and were mightily touched by their answers. This blog captures what happened. 


We asked: “We need your help....Yesterday, as a part of the Cheese Wheel Slicer thread (a post about an intriguing antique in the Original Store), our last poster asked the question....What is Mast General Store? So, can you help us answer Joannina's question?"

Here’s what a few of our friends said:

Heather: "The best thing ever!" is the correct answer.

Mickey: Mast General Store is a step back in time... a long time!

Angie: The Original Mast General Store is a must see! It's on our itinerary every time we're in the Boone area. The old Post Office, the creaky floorboards, the things I can't find anywhere else... It's part of our trip to the NC Mountains every year! And Valle Crucis is absolutely lovely. Plus, we don't leave without 2 cases of divine Peach Nehi!!!

Robert: It's a time machine. No other explanation is needed.

Hinde: A place to wander thru things past, present and future! Quality goods at great prices. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. What's not to love? Go. Now!

Gary: It is the grandparent of Walmart. Mast has something of everything.

squirrel-nut-zippers.jpgRebecca: Hmmm...I just explained it this way to visiting family... ‘It’s an old-time general store with emphasis on the outdoors and how things used to be. Can find everything from a cast iron fry pan to hiking boots with a bunch of folks working the counters who can tell you the where, why and the how of everything in the store.’ Or...as my oldest son put it "My favorite place to hang out." And my youngest chimed in to tell them to not miss the barrels of candy!

Debra: The best place for ALL your needs, Mast has everything, if they don't have it, it don't exist!

Ron: Having only been to the Original Store, I can only speak to it being a do not miss place when in that area of the Carolinas. We visit it every time we are anywhere close and usually drag a few friends along as well. Just carve out a few hours and plan to have an experience that is as much fun for the whole family as going to Disney World with free admission and shorter lines.

And one of the finest poems we’ve ever read by Donna:
It’s all wooden floors and rusty-hinged doors
And old-time rocking chairs.
Afghans and dishes; wall plaques of fishes;
And rickety climbing stairs.
It’s potbellied stoves and treasure troves
And heavy cast iron pans.
Lanterns and lamps; dry goods and stamps;
And mountains of old tin cans.
It’s days gone by and Mom’s apple pie
And yards of twine and string.
Old times remembered; stresses surrendered;
And I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you’d like to read the whole thread, click here.


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