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July 19, 2018 10 minute READ

We're KEEN on That!

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According to the MacMillan Dictionary, to be “keen” on something is to be interested in something and enjoying it, especially an activity that you do often. This year, we are keen on helping KEEN celebrate its 15th year of innovation and adventures. As a brand born to get people outdoors, KEEN started its journey by asking “Can a sandal also protect your toes?” In 2003, the answer was a resounding “yes,” and the KEEN Newport was born. Millions of adventures later, KEEN is taking its business to new heights with UNEEK options and an ever-expanding line of shoes to allow you to lead the hybrid life.

This week we’re sharing the stories of some of our Share Your KEEN Story Sweepstakes winners and some that we felt were compelling and in the spirit of the brand. We hope you enjoy these personal stories about our customers’ relationships with their shoes!

Katy's KEEN StoryKaty - My husband and I spent eight months last year traveling the beautiful USA. Our KEENs carried us over mountains, deserts, glaciers (as seen here at Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park), and everywhere in between. When they finally wore out, guess what?? We found the local outdoor store and got new ones. I love my KEENs!







Kim O's KEEN StoryKim O. - I discovered KEEN shoes at the Mast General Store in Greenville, SC. I'm on my fourth pair of Mary Janes. I wear them every day. My two oldest pairs have holes in them, so I use them as my yard shoes. I’ve tried on other shoes and always go back for a new pair of KEENs. My feet don’t hurt, and I can walk in them all day long with no problems. I have several family members and friends that I’ve converted to KEEN shoes.


Annis' KEEN StoryAnnis - I LOVE my KEEN shoes. I wear them at work all day, including every day this week, and normally get 10,000 steps daily at work wearing these. I wear them with and without socks and no blisters! I’ve had them for a very long time because I can't find another pair just like these, but I’m hoping to find a pair somewhere. The tread is so bad now, but I keep washing and wearing them. I wear them all year round. My KEENs have lasted FOREVER.

Jefferson's KEEN StoryJefferson - These boots were bought on my ten-year wedding anniversary. After a female associate at the Waynesville Mast General store sized my foot by sight and said, "I have the best boots in your size on sale! You have to try them!" Off she went and returned with the box. She gave me a set of the Mast Brand socks (which I love). I tried them on, and wow, I was impressed. That was the beginning of my adventure.

These boots have been my go-to for over 34,000 miles traveled on my Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Notably, they show up in the pictures of me riding my motorcycle on the infamous Tail of the Dragon. They have kept my feet comfortable and dry on many a long ride in rain, heat, and cold. I have taken much ribbing for not wearing a proper motorcycle boot. My response to those who pick on me is “Let's go for a walk and see who is the most comfortable after a mile." I have converted many of my friends to KEEN. In fact, I returned to the Waynesville store with friends on a bike trip to Maggie Valley, and they bought KEENs to wear.

I have worn this set of boots for over 5 years, and they are still the best boot I own. By the picture, the soles are starting to get thin, so it may be time to replace them soon but, that will be hard considering these are like an old friend, who can be depended on to provide comfort when life's road gets hard.

Cassandra's KEEN StoryCassandra - I love my KEENs! I have had them for many years, and they still look and feel great! I love to go hiking in them. We always go tubing, and these work great in the river. My toes never get scraped by rocks. I have recommended these shoes to numerous friends, and they have ended up buying a pair for themselves. I can't say enough great things about these shoes! Thanks for making such a great pair of shoes!


Connie's KEEN StoryConnie - My name is Cricket, and this is my KEEN story. I'm a husky-mix living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I was rescued over a year ago and oh, what adventures I've had since then... I know it's going to be a special day when she wears the purple ones-it means we're going on a hike. We hike trails wide and narrow, long or short; under blue skies and cloudy skies. Sometimes it's muddy-often it's rocky. She tells me we're lucky to be here, but I already know that. The views are spectacular. I just hope we keep on hiking because... the best days are KEEN days.

Deanne's KEEN StoryDeanne - A quality investment for the adventure of a lifetime. What's more fun, scary, exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping, and blissful than a roller coaster ride? Clue: also has two-word description... HELLO... Raising boys! Being of modest means due to our decision for mom to be a - a-hem - stay-at-home mom, year after year at Mother's Day, those sweet fellas really, truly wanted to give an extravagant, quality gift. And every year, Mom chose a new pair of KEENs. Like clockwork, and each year, KEENs have been my go-to shoes for everything from field trips to family vacations to grocery store to sports events and everything in between. Yes, built for adventure, my KEENs nor my boys have never let me down. I'm grateful for family memories in my KEENs. Steadfast, reliable, adventurous and they hold up wet or dry. Sunshine or rain. Just like roller coasters and raising boys. PS... full disclosure, I've ridden about a total of 4 roller coasters and remain in the process of raising two fellas who are currently 16 & 18.  Which is a gracious plenty for me on both counts.

Heather's KEEN StoryHeather H. - I love my KEENs! In 2014, I made my first trip to Eastern Africa to the country of South Sudan. My husband persuaded me to get a pair of KEENs for the trip since close-toed shoes were required, but I knew the heat was going to be unbelievable!!! My green KEENs were a blessing! Wow! My husband and I are now on our second pair each, and we are returning to Eastern Africa in a few weeks for our fifth mission trip, and our KEENs will be going with us!






Allison's KEEN StoryAllison - My tried and true KEENs. My late granny got these for me before she passed. She had a pair she wore day in and day out, and she surprised me with some because I always raved about hers! She would tell me they were the most comfortable shoe she had ever stepped her toes into!




Heather's KEEN StoryHeather M. - My 2-year-old daughter has "blue shoes, white shoes, KEENs, and sandals." She is quick to tell us which shoes she wants to wear! However, she knows that if we're on a trail, path, or road for a stroll, she needs her KEENs. With her KEENs and a good stick, she is ready for the next adventure!








Charlene's KEEN StoryCharlene - Worked on concrete floors for 23 years and tried almost every top brand of steel-toed shoes. Three years ago, my son told me I should try KEEN after complaining of my feet hurting. I bought a pair. Now I am on my third pair and will never wear another brand work shoe. My husband is also on his second pair. My son has been buying them for five years. We are a family who truly believe in the comfort, support, and safety of KEEN; no other can compete. I have recommended KEEN at least 50 times over the years.

Kim's KEEN StoryKim - KEEN is the only brand of shoe that I know will be comfortable no matter the situation. I have diabetic neuropathy, and this brand is one of the few that I can wear that my toes can tolerate. I wear the Mary Jane style for dressing up in the classroom and the H2 when tubing down the river. Thank you for making such a wide range of styles that I can LOVE to wear!



April's KEEN StoryApril - I first discovered KEENs on my honeymoon 12 years ago. My husband and I were walking around Las Vegas, and I was getting blisters from my shoes. We walked by a shoe store, and there I found my first pair of KEENs. Over the years, I have purchased at least 15 pairs. Now my husband, daughter, mom, and stepdad all wear KEENs. The picture you see are my well-loved worn-out work KEENs. I wear these all summer because they allow my feet to breathe. I work in a dusty environment, and I can wash these in the sink when I get home. I love my KEENs, and I have spread my love for KEEN to anyone who will listen. Also, I still have those original KEENs from my honeymoon!

Ashley's KEEN StoryAshley - Unconventional at its best... don't get me wrong. My KEENs have taken me up trails,  through rivers, creeks, and we've even kayaked some awesome rivers. But the time that will forever be ingrained in my memory was after I gave birth to my twins! My feet were so swollen from complications, none, and I'm talking NONE of my other shoes would fit.  So yes... I was that mom walking back and forth from my hospital room to the NICU in my HOSPITAL GOWN and KEENs! My kids wear them, and they are my favorite shoe.  Thank you, KEEN, for all the steps we've taken together!

Amanda's KEEN StoryAmanda - My KEENs have been with me across over 800 miles of the Smokies; they go on every SUP adventure and every vacation.  If I don't wear them on the hike, I put them on as soon as the hike is over. I even wore them with my wedding dress on my wedding day because we got married in a waterfall. I love my KEENs, as you can tell!


Elaine's KEEN StoryElaine – 2008-I acquired my first pair of KEENs.  2009-Two college roommates decide to hike 60 miles on the AT to celebrate their 60th birthdays! Much planning ensued and much equipment was purchased--hiking poles, hiking clothes, backpacks with hydration, and high-top hiking boots. First day out, my "new" hiking shoes wore a huge blister on my right foot. I bandaged up and tried again the second day--very little hiking occurred. The shoes would not go back on my feet that trip. Third day out, I opted for my KEENs and never looked back! With no ankle support but firm footing, I completed my 60 miles in fine form. Those same KEENs are now my "yard" shoes that protect my toes from mowers, get me sturdily across wet slick grass, and can be washed and ready for my next yard job. I have acquired several more pairs of KEENs, but none are more loved and appreciated than these friendly basic black ones!

As you can see, KEENs aren’t just shoes, they are companions on adventures. Start your story with a click HERE.

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