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February 27, 2019 4 minute READ

Top 8 Things You'll Need for Perfect Front Porch Sittin'

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Sitting on the front porch is as iconic as a white picket fence— and it’s just as much a part of the American dream too.  A dream we are lulled into by listening to the sounds of cicada and crickets, drowsily watching the night lit up by lightning bugs and filtered moonlight, and rocking back and forth to the rhythm of times gone by.

Yes, front porch sittin’ is so much more than just relaxing at the day’s end or taking our Sunday rest. It speaks to tradition and ritual, to family and hearth, to intentional living. It’s about being present in the moment and not letting the opportunity to simply pass us by.

There’s definitely an art to the magic of front porch sittin’. And nestled here in our sheltering mountains, we like to think we’ve perfected it. No one knows how to optimize that leisured tradition better than we folks in Appalachia. Just comes naturally to know what it takes to make the most of the time-honored tradition. We’ve been doing it right for generations, and we’re happy to share some of our top tips for kicking back and relaxing in good old-fashioned front-porch-sittin’ style. What follows is a list of what it takes to create the ideal experience.

Chair, swing, or hammock  1. Get the best seat out of the house. Porch swing, smooth rocking chair, hammock…  Any of these makes the perfect seat for lounging comfortably, sipping ice-cold sweet tea, and watching the sunlight fade behind the ridgeline.



ice cold drink2. Have a good drink and a snack or two prepared. An ice-cold glass of that Southern ambrosia that is sweet tea makes the perfect porch drink, but so does a steaming mug of coffee or an after-work cold one. Pair your drink with a tomato sandwich, or enjoy an after-supper slice of pie and you’re all set for luxurious leisure.

a good book3. Gather up some good reading material. Whether you want to indulge in that hot new release, perusing the news or simply flip aimlessly through some glossy magazine pages, a nice read will make the experience even better. 


wind chimes4. Set up your space for sound therapy.  Windchimes, light music, or just the sounds of nature can increase your good mood and conspire to relax you into bliss. I find that the faint breeze tickling the windchimes into a fairy melody is one of my favorite ways to enjoy my porch-sittin’.





beautiful scenery5. Maximize the view. Turn your rocker or hang that hammock to take in the best view of the sunrise, the sunset, the beauty of your flower or vegetable garden, or even the activity your birdfeeder. Pick the view that delights you best and enjoy it in all its incarnations.

soft lighting6. Adjust the lighting and enhance the mood. Candles, lanterns, and string lights lend even more relaxation to the atmosphere.  You’ll love the ambience they can create, as well as the reading or visiting light they offer.

cozy comfort - a cover, warm beverage7. Indulge in cozy comfort. Take the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors. Bringing along a blanket or wearing cozy socks, sweaters, or slippers will keep you feeling comfy and cozy while you enjoy your surroundings.  Or you may need a fan and a fly swatter. Either way, going out prepared means you won’t need to head back indoors when the temps fluctuate—and you won’t break the sittin’ spell you’ve cast over the porch.

A walk through the neighborhood8. Take a stroll in the neighborhood. Get to talkin’ with your neighbors out for a walk to let supper settle or take Bruno for his daily constitutional. Folks stopping by for a brief chat or a long, drawn-out tale-swap are as integral to a proper porch-sit as the rocking chair and the sweet tea. Gathering the news and local gossip helps you know when you need to whip up a casserole or what topics of conversation to avoid at the next PTA meeting.

candles and coffeeWe believe these are porch-sittin’ best practices, but after a few rounds of blissing out to the dream this magic induces, you may augment the list to craft your own best experience and to pass along the wisdom this time-honored ritual has to share.

See you out on the front porch. 

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