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February 6, 2019 5 minute READ

Top 7 Valentine's Day Gifts!

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Love is in the air! But unless you want it to be even colder this Valentine's Day, that love better be in a nice gift bag too. Don't worry, though, we got you. We've compiled our top 7 choices for treating your sweetheart to a special gift that's sure to please-- and keep the cold at bay.

Candy1. Sweets for the Sweet. Candy is the top choice for Valentine's gifts. And we have over 500 varieties so you can find everyone's favorites. We've got old-fashioned favorites like Caramel Bullseyes, Tootsie Rolls, Sugar Daddys, and Root Beer Barrels. And there are a ton of chocolate options to choose from. If you go on February 9th or 10th, your sweet treats will provide a few meals to the needy as well. Our Be a Sweetheart drive to feed the hungry starts this weekend! Do two sweet things at once! 

Flower of the Month Bracelets2. Flower of the Month Bracelets. You can always say it with flowers, especially ones that never fade, like the ones on our Flower of the Month bracelets. These unique and beautiful bracelets come in a variety of floral designs to mark each month. They make great keepsakes for birthdays or those special life events you'd like to commemorate for all the loves in your life.





ENO Hammocks3. Let the Doublenest be your LOVE nest. Eagles Nest Outfitters Doublenest Hammocks turn the art of relaxing into a mini vacation. So, if you can't head to the mountains or the beach, these bring the vacay getaway to you. Set one up in the backyard, on the porch, anywhere outdoors, and have a quick haven for two.  No matter where you are you can relax, take a little break, and do a little soulful gazing, or, ya know, nap. 

4. Take home the Stanley cups when you win Valentine's Day with two choices he'll love!

Stanley PintsStanley Pint. If your sweetie needs something to keep that cuppa he nurses hot, or that end-of-the-day cold one cold, your search is over. This pint is crafted just to hold that cold one--made of stainless steel and featuring an insulated double wall construction that won't rust and is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Or if your sweetheart likes a cocktail on the go . . . 

Happy Hour System from StanleyThe Happy Hour System.  This innovative design lets you take your cocktails on the trail. We know that just about every hour on the trail is a happy one, but this set will help you make the outdoors even greater. But no matter where you are, this 5-piece nesting set will allow you to enjoy happy hour with a 20-ounce insulated shaker, two insulated rocks glasses, citrus reamer, and a jigger suited for any cocktail you can imagine. The stainless steel design is also proven durable, is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and will make the perfect gift for the happy hour hiker you love. 

Eagle Creek Pack-It system5.  Eagle Creek Pack It System. That romantic getaway got you tossing in everything you own and having to struggle with your suitcase? Solution found. The Pack It System is designed to keep clothing and gear organized whether you're traveling abroad for an extended period or just a weekend away. This XS, S, & M set features 3 cubes that can hold up to 2, 5 and 12 liters of gear, and is made from water- and stain-resistant, ripstop nylon that will help protect your garments, accessories, electronics, and more. It's also quite lightweight and durable, perfect for whatever outing you'll need to Pack It for, including a romantic trip to your favorite destination.

QMT Chimes6. Sounds like love . . .  QMT Windchimes. QMT chimes range from $25 to $132, so these are a great choice for any budget. These are also as aesthetically appealing to view as they are pleasing to the ear, and they are the first in the next generation of windchimes that combine the superior tones of its centrally suspended tubes with a visually exceptional design. Hand-tuned to the scale you choose, they offer a gorgeous sound and artisan quality your loves will love. 




A.I. Root Candles7. Candles are always a delightful gift. Light a fire, well, just a wick, but still, a candle helps set the atmosphere you want this holiday. And AI Root candles are our top choice for a clean burn that lasts a long time. These won't flame out on you even if your date does. Even more scents are available in stores. 

We hope these suggestions help! And if you need more gifts to show your lurve, visit us in stores or online for thousands of unique and thoughtful gifts that you can tailor to your sweeties. Happy Valentine's Day!


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