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October 5, 2016 2 minute READ

Stanley – Loved By Generations

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Though it’s made great strides in mass appeal over the past decade, the vacuum steel bottle is not a new product. Well over 100 years ago, a Massachusetts man, William Stanley, invented this ingenious bottle. With over 100 patents to his name, Stanley was a major inventor during the golden age of electric development. Thanks to this prolific engineer, we have the pleasure of enjoying our cold drinks staying cold and our hot beverages remaining piping hot due to Stanley’s ingenious all-steel vacuum bottles.



vintage_stanleyIn the century since it was invented, the vacuum bottle evolved from a concept to an icon and has become an essential part of road trips, work days, and outdoor adventures.

The company is a leader in innovation and works continuously to improve its products' durability and thermal retention. From flasks and vacuum bottles to coolers, crocks, and quenchers, Stanley stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty. The company's newest additions provide solutions for travel, trail, and "after work" beverages, too.

One of the latest additions to the line is the Quencher, which provides a solution for those who like to enjoy their beverages through a straw without forgetting that they sometimes might want to sip from the rim.  Mast Store has the honor of introducing this product to the market before you can find it anywhere else. Stop by any store to pick yours up today or have it sent to your door by clicking HERE. And check out our complete selection of fine Stanley products HERE.

The Stanley brand has been part of countless adventures and even more shared memories. They have powered daily coffee breaks and just as many meals in their food and beverage gear. Do you have memories of your mom packing your lunch in a Stanley lunchbox or your dad filling up his Stanley bottle with piping hot coffee for the work day? With over 100 years of heritage and innovation, Stanley has a lot of stories to tell. We'd like to hear yours! Follow this LINK to share yours for a chance to win a $400 Stanley Shopping Spree.

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