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October 23, 2014 2 minute READ

Safely Scrub-A-Dub-Dub with American Made SallyeAnder Soaps

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The SallyeAnder Soaps story started 30 years ago when the creators’ infant son couldn’t tolerate the bath products on the market. Everything the couple tried irritated his skin, and so the Minetto, NY natives decided to make their own gentle and natural soap for their son. The results were spectacular for them, as well as many other families, and the soap rapidly gained in popularity. A few years later, the couple quit their day jobs, and started SallyeAnder Soaps, selling their American-made, all-natural soaps across the globe.


Since 1982, SallyeAnder Soaps use edible ingredients, like olive oil and soy, as their base. All varieties are handmade in small batches and are never tested on animals. Also, all soaps are exceedingly gentle, so newborns and those with sensitive skin are sure to have an exceptionally positive experience.

sallyeander-3.jpgMast General Store is proud to offer two SallyeAnder products that have proven popular with our guests. First is the Hog Wash Soap Bar. This bar is tough on dirt, but gentle on skin, and it washes just about anything! Made from a blend of soaps and cornmeal, it gets out tough stains for the hardworking mechanic and the busy gardener in your family. The bar is rich in glycerin, so it won’t dry out your skin nor harm your clothing. This handy six ounce bar can “hog wash” it all from grass and food stains to grape juice and grease. Best of all, the Hog Wash Soap Bar is good for your skin and your budget.

sallyeander-4.jpgSallyeAnder's No-Bite-Me Soap is a huge hit with campers and hikers alike. This four-ounce, square-cut soap packs a mighty punch, deterring black flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and even ticks! A blend of 18 essential oils, including cedarwood, tea tree, marjoram, and citronella create an all-in-one preventative and after-bite treatment. No-Bite-Me Soap is DEET free and safe for adults and children.

These American-made and ecologically-sensitive products could easily become a staple at bathroom and kitchen sinks across the country. Swing by Mast General Store to get ahead of the curve and to find out why SallyeAnder has been called “The Best Soap in America”.

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