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October 24, 2016 3 minute READ

Merrell Footwear Supports Food for Kids 2016 in Western NC

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If you could do one thing that would improve a child’s self-esteem, help facilitate better behavior, and increase his or her learning potential, wouldn’t you do it? It’s easy. Just make sure that the child is not hungry. According to Feeding America, 1 in 6 children in the U.S. worry about when they’ll have their next meal.



MANNA FoodBankThis is the eighth year that Merrell and Mast General Store are partnering with our community food agencies in support of Food for Kids. They realize how important it is to give a child a good foundation to grow, to learn, and to just be a kid. From October 26th through November 8th, Merrell Footwear will make a donation to fill a backpack with weekend food for each pair of shoes purchased.

MANNA FoodBank is our local food partner at the Asheville, Waynesville, and Hendersonville Stores. A private, not-for-profit service organization, founded in 1983, MANNA links the food industry with over 229 partner agencies in 16 counties of Western North Carolina. They are a member of Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger relief organization in the United States. One of every four children in WNC lives in conditions of food insecurity. Over the past year, MANNA FoodBank’s weekend meals reached an average of 4,946 children at 162 different schools and sites spanning all 16 counties in their service area.

VolunteersHow does Food for Kids work?
The agencies work with schools and teachers to discreetly determine which children need help. Each weekend during the school year, they are given weekend food that may also help feed sisters and brothers, and perhaps the rest of their families.  Teachers report better participation, self-esteem, and behavior as a result of the Food for Kids program.

"Merrell's involvement has helped to provide thousands of weekend meals,” said Lisa Cooper, president of Mast General Store. “We are proud to have vendor partners that take an interest in helping us address food access needs in our communities. Merrell believes in the importance of giving a child a good foundation to grow, learn, and just be a kid.”

Backpack foodsWhile hunger is a complicated social issue, it’s not hard or expensive to help. Literally, any donation amount can make a difference. In addition to Merrell’s contribution, the Mast Store will be accepting contributions in change jars to help the Food for Kids program even more. On average, $1 can provide 3 nutritious meals.

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