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February 23, 2021 2 minute READ

Mast Stores are Open for Business

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“The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.” You may be acquainted with this quote that is widely – and inaccurately - attributed to Mark Twain. Apparently, it is also being used in reference to some locations of the Mast Store. Well, we are here to report that the rumors of our closing and going out of business are, indeed, greatly exaggerated. 

“The Mast Store is facing many challenges that may make it appear that our doors are closing, but please let me assure you that that is not the case,” said Lisa Cooper, president.  

The store has received many phone calls and concerned e-mails after visitors and locals have gone into stores with shelves not stocked to their usual levels.  

Mast Store is a family and employee-owned business“Like many other retailers, our vendors are unable to fulfill orders because of manufacturing delays, staffing shortfalls, and the limited availability of items they use in their processes,” continued Lisa.  

Several of the calls and e-mails came in around the store’s traditional inventory time in early February. “It’s our goal to be as low in inventory as possible just before we have to count it all,” said Lisa. “I can see how people would think that we are going out of business because our shelves were so bare. The situation was much the same last year, and every year, around inventory time.” 

“We are touched that so many people care enough about us to check on how we are doing,” remarked Lisa. “While we had to make some difficult decisions at the beginning of the pandemic to safeguard our future, we are looking forward to better times and are continuing to support our communities with the help of our customers.”  

Manufacturing delays are still problematic, but new inventory is arriving regularly at the Mast Store home office and in stores. “It may take a while to get totally back to normal,” said Lisa, “but we are working on it every day. We appreciate the efforts of our employees, who are taking care of customers under difficult circumstances, and our guests, who are dropping in to see what’s new and what’s on sale.” 

All Mast Stores are open seven days a week. Visit the Mast Store website and click on the VISIT tab to check current hours. 

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