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July 5, 2019 5 minute READ

Made in NC

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With our roots right here in the Tar Heel state, Mast Store has many connections to local manufacturers, artisans, and crafters. From food to footstools, and everything in between, we've curated quite the collection of homegrown goodness to fill our shelves and serve our customers. 

As noted in last week's blog, Winkler Knives are hand-forged right here in the high country in Boone. But there's a particular knife that is even more special. The General was designed by Mast Store's very own knife shop guru, Patrick. The handle features the detailed carving of the profile of Grandfather Mountain with the Mast General Store logo on the spine. It doesn't get closer to home than this. 

Designed with high-quality materials just for us, The General, a fixed blade knife, features a sturdy tapered tang, jimping on the spine and tip of the blade, and a curly maple wood handle with that beautifully detailed carving of Grandfather Mountain -- featuring both the South and North views. There's also a Kydex sheath that can be mounted to your gear or belt for your convenience. And with its excellent hand feel and precision handling, it'll be your new favorite knife. 

Troutman RockersTroutman Rockers

The Troutman Chair Company controls its supply chain. After sourcing oak from local loggers, the rest of the process is performed "in house." Vertical integration means quality control for us as we enjoy the craftsmanship and comfort of these rockers. They merge the simple elegance of a streamlined swell-joint design (instead of gluing each interlocking joint, a stronger, more durable process of putting two pieces together relying on moisture absorption is used) with the comfort of perfect lines and recesses that stand up to the quality standards these rockers have boasted for generations. And with care (i.e. rockers are made to be used in every room of your home, including your porch, BUT it should be covered and reasonably dry), many generations can enjoy the quality of a Troutman rocker. 

Gout RockersJerry Matthews Gout Rockers

A conversation piece like this beauty always has a good story behind it. The Gout Rocker is no exception. First made for Mast Store by Harlee Rothlesberger decades ago, the pattern lives on for this these must-haves for the gout-afflicted or just those who want to prop up their barking dogs whilst enjoying the rhythm of a rocker. The pattern was last passed along to master craftsman Jerry Matthews who currently single-handedly builds them all.

Jerry started making them when his wife Mary Jane, who used to work for Mast Store, came home with a gout rocker and asked him if he could make one. The woman who made them at that time broke her arm, and Mast was in sore need of someone to supply us with gout rockers, a quite popular item. Jerry knew he could easily do the job. He got to work deconstructing the piece and making adjustments to improve the design. He got the job. More than 6,400 gout rockers and a decade or so later, Jerry is still delivering quality gout rockers by the droves. He just had his second highest order last week when Mast sent a PO for 78 rockers (the first highest was 185 orders after his initial test batch for Mast-- an order that took night-and-day work around the clock for several days and astonished Jerry in its magnitude). Jerry does all the work himself, unless Mary Jane helps out, noting that while it's "not rocket science," you still have to have the know-how and do the job in the right order. "I'm not a perfectionist, but it's got to be right or it doesn't leave my shop. It goes out as perfect as it can be, and I guarantee my work." Work that he has enjoyed for over 12 years and work that Mast Store customers continue to enjoy for the stellar quality and master skill still in demand today.

Mast Store SocksMast Store Branded Socks

Made in Granite Falls and in Mount Airy, NC, the socks we source are among the favorites of customers and staff alike. Super durable, super soft, or super cute, these socks come in a fabulous array of colors and styles and some speak to more than whim or whimsy, like our socks that are perfect for hiking or wearing in cold conditions. 

Grape & Apple JuicesD'Vine Grape Juices & Cider

The name says it all. These drinks are divine. Made from North Carolina's state fruit, the scuppernong grape, and from orchards in our beautiful countryside, these juices and ciders are absolutely delicious by themselves or as part of a mulling or mocktail, whatever you see fit to include them in, and are bound to be hit with your tastebuds. There's a je ne sais quoi quality to a muscadine grape that no other has. D'Vine captures that in their red and white juice offerings and invites you to open up a bottle of summers past and summers perfect. Then later on, when the all things pumpkin, apple, fall, and Christmas hit your palate and your pension for a spicy taste of nostalgia, try the delicious apple cider, as is or paired with mulling spices, for the quintessential heart- and hearth-warming beverage. 

Many more products made in North Carolina are available in stores and online, and you can find many of them and support local vendors by visiting our site and selecting Made in USA in our drop-down menu. 

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