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February 17, 2020 2 minute READ

Grandma's Must Have Beauty Products

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Do you remember visiting your grandma's house and getting a cut or a scrape? She knew just what to do to help. If you looked in grandma's pocketbook, we bet you'd find a whole arsenal of beauty and health supplies to keep her looking great from sun up to sundown. And they had other uses above and beyond outward health and beauty. It just so happens that many of grandma's go-tos are popular today, too!

Rosebud Salve has been found in pocketbooks, purses, and clutches since 1895. It makes a perfect lip gloss and lip moisturizer, but don't let its dainty sounding name make you think it's a pushover. Just a little dab helps soothe dry skin on elbows and knees, and during the winter and cold season, it helps relieve your irritated nose. Rosebud Salve also allays the sting of minor burns. It's like a first aid kit in a pocket-sized tin.

Bag Balm has long been used by dairy farmers to ease the irritation of cow udders. One day, when a farmer came in from milking, his wife was surprised to find that his hands were softer than hers. Crafted in Vermont where some of the coldest, driest winters tempt the fate of everyone's skin, Bag Balm has come to the rescue since 1899. Slathered on udders, hands, and even used to moisturize new tattoos, this cream also soothed the cracked and irritated paws of rescue dogs that searched for survivors at Ground Zero and helped WWII soldiers keep their rifles in good working order.

Witch hazel is a powerful ally for your skin. Grandma may have used it to clean a minor cut or scrape on your knee because it helps stop the bleeding. But at night, she used cotton balls soaked in witch hazel to alleviate puffiness around her eyes. It also can be used for acne, dandruff, and to soothe bug bites and stings.

Another of grandma's cure-alls could be found in the kitchen. Apple cider vinegar has many applications outside of making pickles and killed lettuce and onions. Drink a tablespoon in a glass of water each day for improved health and digestion. Use it to relieve sunburn by applying it directly to the skin with a cotton ball. Then, mix a couple of tablespoons or so of coconut oil with two to three drops of peppermint essential oil and apply it to your skin to further relieve the burn.

Grandma often made do with what she had and found multiple uses for different products. We are re-discovering her timeless wisdom with these tried-and-true shelf staples.

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