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October 15, 2017 8 minute READ

Gift Giving Made Easy with Fun Themes

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Do you ever find yourself stumped when selecting thoughtful gifts to give your loved ones during the holiday season? This year, we’ve compiled a list of gift themes to please a variety of folks in your life. We hope this guide will help make your gift selecting (and your recipient’s receiving) a little more creative and a lot more fun.



JacksGrandparent’s Childhood Revisited - Older generations often marvel at the many uniquely nostalgic gifts we offer at Mast Store. Below are a few of our favorites that grandparents in your life will remember from their childhood.

Jumbo Jacks
"I love nostalgic games like Jacks - do you remember how challenging it was? Onesies are easy to do, but when you get to threesies, it gets a bit harder! It’s a lot of fun to show your grandchildren this classic game of skill." - Greta, Mast General Store - Valle Crucis, NC

Die Cast 1955 Chevy Step Pickup
Featuring functioning doors and tailgate, this detailed model pickup with a pullback motor will provide fast entertainment for all ages.

“This pickup truck reminded my father-in-law of the one his dad used to drive on their childhood farm. I believe he enjoys toying with it even more than the grandkids do when they go over to visit.” – Alaina, Mast Store Home Office

Bullseyes Vanilla Caramel Candies
This old-timey favorite is just like the ones your grandparents got from the old country store when they were kids. Vanilla caramel surrounds the creamy center. Pop one in your mouth, and bull's eye! You're a kid all over again.

Slipper GenieParent’s Date Night at Home - Moms and dads don’t always have the time to plan a date night away from home. This combination of gifts is the perfect way to encourage the busy parents in your life to take the night off – at home! After the children are tucked in bed, the gifts below will help parents relax and enjoy a little quiet time together.

Bamboo and Green Tea Eco Candle
"I love how the Thyme and Olive Leaf candle smells and how it looks in the re-purposed wine bottle. I also love that it’s made in Tennessee."  - Tamera, Mast Store Knoxville

Cherry Crunch Mix
This easy-bake crumble, crisp, or cobbler makes a sweet, crunchy topping with whole grain rolled oats to create a flavorful deep-dish delight that’s proudly made in the USA. It’s best served in a bowl to share while curled up under a blanket on the couch. [Add a log fire and holiday movie for maximum enjoyment.]

"This is good with whatever fruit you use. Try 2 or 3 sliced bananas with some brown sugar sprinkled over them. That's my favorite!" - Allen, Mast Store Valle Crucis

Slipper Genie Floor Dusters
Parents can easily carve out time for date night when the cleaning isn’t hanging over their heads. Just slip on these comfortable, microfiber cleaning slippers, and they'll do all the work as moms and dads make trips between the fridge and couch. There’s no elbow-grease needed for these clever dusters. Best yet, they’ll keep your tootsies toasty on cold winter nights.

"These slippers make me think of Pippi Longstocking, who I envied as a child. Feeling nostalgic, I made an impulse purchase and I never imagined they would be so functional. My dog sheds like crazy and these have reduced the amount of time I spend cleaning my floors. Let's be honest, they look a little silly, but I'll take that over mopping any day!" - Kelly, Mast Store Boone

Luci LightFamily Road Trip  - Many families are hitting the road during the busy holiday season. The items below will keep kids entertained while moms and dads navigate the highway.

Cars Magnetic Tin
Inside this handy little tin, you’ll find 30 magnets with all of your child’s favorite Cars characters (from the Pixar movie) and an extra backdrop scene for hours of play. This handy travel toy is sure to provide your child with hours of backseat amusement.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Atlas
This colorful book includes easy-to-read, simple road maps of each state and Washington, D. C., as well as a map of the United States. It has state symbols, cool games, fun facts, goofy roadside attractions, and other engaging activities to beat the boredom.

Luci Aura Solar Lantern
This fun lantern is the perfect addition to any road trip. With seven colored light settings (plus bright white for reading), it can cycle through multiple hues or settle on a single color to use as a nightlight, reading under the covers, or playing in a hotel pool. Yes, this little lantern is waterproof and floats!

"This is such a fun product. I love that it's solar-powered, lightweight, and packable. It has so many uses - camping, parties, etc." - Natalie, Mast Store Hendersonville

PoppersChildren’s Bag of Fun  - “I put together a “bag of fun” for the younger children in our family each Christmas. Last year, I included jump ropes, books, pocket kites, and a few other unique games. It was a huge hit! Below you’ll find a few items I plan to include this year.” – Sheri, Mast Store Home Office

Squirrel Popper
Place a foam ball in this little varmint's mouth, give his belly a squeeze, and pop! The ball will fly though the air. The harder you squeeze the farther it shoots. Dog, mallard duck, cow, and sock monkey poppers are also available.

Thirty Days Has September Book
"This is a great book! When I was in school, learning was made easy with rhymes, phrases, etc. These cool tricks for remembering made learning fun. Just the other day, I was trying to decide, is it "effect" or "affect"? This handy, entertaining book will help you answer this question and much more.” - Deb, Mast Store Home office

Curious George Tin Kaleidoscope
For this fun item, all you need is a light source and a curious viewer. The sturdy metal kaleidoscope is decorated with pictures of Curious George going about his daily activities; riding a bike, catching fish, reading a book, etc.

Wooden BowlsKitchen Trio for Neighbors & Hosts  - Finding the right gift for neighbors and hosts can be the most challenging of all the folks on your shopping list. The items below will be sure to please even the most discriminating gift recipient.

Garlic and Ginger Grater Dish
"This little ceramic dish, made locally, is a wonderful addition to my table. Nix the butter, and use olive oil. One can also grate ginger, chocolate and horseradish for dipping fruits, veggies, meats and breads." -  Jacquelyn, Mast General Store - Boone, NC

Acaciaware Calabash Bowl
Every host could use an extra bowl for dips, crackers, and candies. This handmade serving bowl is made of beautiful, yet durable acacia hardwood. The stunning craftsmanship, gorgeous color, and natural design will make a special occasion out of any get together.

Freeloader Fork
This gift is not only for laughs; but works quite well, too! Add a chuckle to your gift with the Freeloader Fork. "This fork is hilarious. I think it's the perfect way to have some good ol' fashioned fun at the dinner table. Just don't tell anyone who’s missing their dessert that this was my idea."  - Yasmine, Mast Store Valle Crucis

T-shirtsHome for the Holidays - We all have friends and family that won’t be able to make it home for the holidays this year. Include these items in your next care package to let your loved ones know they're loved and missed.

Home State Apparel
Offering t-shirts, earrings, necklaces, and more, Home State Apparel is wonderful at reminding your loved ones they’re missed… and that there’s no place like home. (And, all items are made in the USA!)

The Three Pickers CD
It took a North Carolina concert for PBS's Great Performances series to get bluegrass legends Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, and Ricky Skaggs together for the first time. It was a celebratory occasion, and this live session, supersaturated with hot licks and down-home warmth, successfully captures the excitement of the unprecedented event with 23 songs.

Christmas Jam 3-pack Gift Box
Smells and tastes remind us of home faster than many of our other senses. Mast Store Provisioners’ Fruitcake Jam, Coal Jelly, and Mistletoe Jelly will bring the familiar flavors of the season to your loved one’s front door.



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