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July 1, 2021 5 minute READ

America, Made out of Many

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The Fourth of July is the perfect time not only to celebrate but also to reflect on what makes us American. We’re a unique people – to say the least – and among the best of our traits is that we’re a diverse people represented by the familiar but too often forgotten motto, “E pluribus unum.” Out of many, one.

From the many characteristics and cultures that make us who we are, we likewise make a lot of things in America. And what we produce reflects the variety that composes our country. Those products have shared qualities and values, just like we, the people. They are designed with pride and built to last.

And just like us, too, they represent a balance that itself is purely American:  Ingenuity and Tradition; Originality and Nostalgia; Artistry and Practicality; Leisure and Labor.

We estimate that our shelves at Mast General Store are stocked with up to 30% American-made goods. That’s a noticeable increase from the approximate 20% they held three years ago.

It’s also sizably more than the average of less than 15% of U.S.-made products other retailers carry.

That’s not to brag either. It’s admittedly difficult to carry a relatively large by comparison albeit still fairly modest overall percentage of American goods.

It’s not always feasible, let alone practical, to pay the cost differential when so many similar goods are produced much less expensively overseas and there’s a budget to account for. That goes for Mast as a company and for all of us as consumers, too.

Still, however, Mast makes a dedicated point to buy and promote both American-made lines and their creators.

If you haven’t done so yet, visit the “Made in USA” section under the Shop tab of Mast Store Online. It features hundreds of American-made goods sold at Mast General Store and is conveniently divided into sub-sections including: Clothing & Accessories, Food, Apothecary, Outdoor Gear, and Toys.

For a more personal experience in search of American-made products, visit the Rivercross Made in USA shop on your next trip to Valle Crucis. A part of the Mast Store Family, it's situated next door to the Original Mast Store and showcases exclusively U.S.-made products, including fine art, crafts, and jewelry not available at other Mast locations.

Another part of supporting American-made products at Mast is engaging with emerging companies that dedicate themselves to making their goods inside the United States, especially as the mass-manufacturing industry continues to weigh its options for production.

Whether they’re new lines made in our stores’ backyards, as is the case with many of our “Made in USA” products, or tried and true, long-established brands with American identities of their own, these companies – a very few of which we’ll highlight below in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday – are emblematic of the richness of the diversity that makes us proud to sell them in our own American general store.

Binghamton Knitting cardiganBinghamton Knitting
Binghamton Knitting combines cutting-edge technology with traditional hand-finishing, in an all-American fashion, to create custom-knit designs. Find their elegant, timeless, and versatile cable-knit cardigans at Mast Store Online or in your neighborhood Mast Store.


Blue Ridge KnivesBlue Ridge Knives
With hatchets and throwing knife sets, Blue Ridge Knives equips you for both the hard work and fun to be found at any summer campsite. Forged in the region of their namesake, these instruments are locally made, well-crafted, and easy on your wallet.



Maple Landmark ornamentsMaple Landmark
Featuring quality games and gift items made in Vermont, Maple Landmark sustainably forests its exclusively wood-carved products. Find several bird-themed ornaments for your Christmas tree or your year-round back porch enjoyment at Mast Store.

Sienna Sky earrings


Sienna Sky
Pink-nosed piggies, retro campers, and swinging sloths – earrings don’t get more fun than those made by Sienna Sky. Check out the playful collection of animals and emblems to brighten up your outfit for any occasion and put a smile on your friends’ faces.


TINte CosmeticsTINte Cosmetics
TINte’s varieties are so deliciously bright and flavorful that you’ll be licking your lips just to re-apply. This vintage, American-made cosmetics line in its signature tin will bring back the nostalgia of high school sleepovers where you and your friends tried its variety of flavors. In a contemporary twist, TINte is now made with organic and natural ingredients so the planet will be as happy as your trip down memory lane.

For a more comprehensive list of all of Mast’s American products, visit the “Made in USA” section of Mast Store Online. Also, be sure to visit Rivercross Made in USA or your neighborhood Mast General Store to find locally-made products unique to your town and region.

Have a terrific, safe, and fun Fourth of July as you celebrate all the many different things that make us who we are and bring us together as Americans!

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