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April 17, 2019 3 minute READ

All Day, Every Day, Earth Day

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With Earth Day approaching, we are turning our attention to what we need to be looking at every day. What can I do today to lessen my impact on the earth? After all, it is the only one we have AND the only place you can find chocolate. As it turns out, there’s a lot we all can do, and there are many considerations our vendors are working into their business practices too.

Let’s start simply – with walking. If you can walk somewhere as opposed to jumping in your car, opt to walk or take public transportation. Plus, with walking, you’ll also get your steps in for the day and realize another benefit with a little exercise.

There is no playing without the playground.

Jean-Marc Pambet, Salomon CEO

Think about different ways that you can reuse an item before disposing of it. For instance, if you use a lot of paper in your office, use the back sides for records you need to keep in-house (no one else is going to see it, right??) or print documents that need to be proofread on previously-used sheets. When it’s served two purposes, then it’s ready to go to recycling.

Look for answers to single-use plastics. The world has a glut of plastic, and possible recycling of plastics is reaching its maximum, too. So, there are three actions to take here – cut down on the use of plastic, close the loop on recycling, and look for alternatives that are more easily recycled. Carry around your own water bottle and refill it instead of purchasing a single-use bottle. Make an effort to purchase recycled items – many pieces of fleece, technical t-shirts, and even shoes are made of recycled plastics and other items. We all have to be willing to help close the loop to ensure there is a market for recycled items.

Alternatives to plastics include aluminum, which is the most valuable material in a recycle bin. Soft drinks, water, “adult beverages,” juices, etc. are all available in aluminum, so seeking out a more attractive to recyclers alternative is a plus.

A baby calfSeveral of the companies that we purchase goods from are taking a hard look at their manufacturing processes with an eye toward reducing waste as well as their overall impact on the environment.

Marmot, for example, is changing the way they dye their fabrics and apply durable water repellent (DWR) to reduce or eliminate the amount of water used in the process. The results are fewer pollutants in groundwater along with an even more durable end product. The PreCip Jacket deploys one of their new technologies with a 100% recycled nylon shell.

Salomon, a footwear manufacturer, is similarly taking action as a company to do things better to be a more sustainable business. Their actions include certifications in energy and resource management to reduce waste and consumption. As Jean-Marc Pambet, Salomon CEO says, “There is no playing without the playground.”

Celebrate Earth Day every day by finding ways to get out and enjoy what’s around you and by thinking of ways to make sure it will be there for the next generations to enjoy. Happy Earth Day!


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