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Valle Crucis




Original Store


  • Monday ­– Saturday

    7 am ­– 6:30 pm
  • Sunday

    Noon ­– 6 pm
John Preston Arthur, local historian and author, wrote this elegant description of Valle Crucis in his "History of Watauga County" in 1915: "There is, perhaps, more interest in this place and its romantic history than in any other in Watauga County. …There is a dreamy spell which hangs over this little valley…" And he was right!

 The small community of Valle Crucis is North Carolina’s first rural historic district and is where you’ll find the Original Mast General Store and the Mast Store Annex. Still the center of the community, the Original Mast Store houses the Post Office and offers up a 5¢ cup of coffee. Traversing its creaking floorboards, you’ll find country gourmet foods, cast iron cookware, speckleware, old-fashioned toys, footwear for all walks of life, hardware, and even a pair of galluses, if you need them.

Mast Store Annex


  • Monday ­– Saturday

    10 am­ – 6 pm
  • Sunday

    Noon ­– 6 pm
Just 2/10 mile down the road is the Mast Store Annex. Constructed as a competing general store in 1909, these two general stores served a thriving community.

Today’s Annex has an eclectic collection of clothing, outdoor gear to hit the trail, and a collection of candy that would make any dentist happy.


Original and Annex – Well, this is where it all started, literally over 130 years ago. As the saying goes, “Not much changes around here but the paint.” And even that might be suspect at times. In some ways, a lot has changed, at least over the last 30 years or so...

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