Vital Travel Tip: Always Pack a Carry-On Bag



Throughout the months of May and June, the traditional beginning of travel season, we're sharing travel stories from our employees along with travel tips and tricks learned along the way. This week, our Mast Store webmaster shares vital tips for smart travelers.

JD, our webmaster at the Mast Store home office in Valle Crucis, NC, has been frequent-flyer, traveling throughout the United States and overseas for decades. Take this travel advice from one who knows:

carry-on.jpgA few years ago, I was traveling overseas with a friend. While his luggage was enjoying a three-day tour of Switzerland, we were enjoying an unintended layover in Albania. As I recall, the contents of his carry-on included a Nikon and a laptop.

My tip is to always board a plane, train, ship, or bus with a carry-on bag that will get you by for an indefinite period. A change of clothing and essentials are crucial. That way, if your luggage is lost, stolen or delayed, you won’t ever find yourself wearing your original travel clothing for the third straight day.

Always included within my carry-on is a complete change of quick-dry clothes: convertible (zip-off) pants, convertible long-sleeved shirt, ExOfficio boxers, and climate appropriate socks. I also recommend a fleece hat and gloves regardless of the destination. Each of these items can be rinsed out in the evening and will be dry by the next morning. And, they might just come in handy if your airplane or train is freezing cold which is often the case during the summer months.

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