Spring Crafting with Kids



Welcome the new season by enjoying some fun and simple craft projects with the children in your life.  From rainsticks and tissue paper trees to racing rainbows and string Easter eggs, these ideas are festive and easy for every member of your family.

craft-1.jpgSpring Blossoms with Tissue Paper
Most of us have a stack of leftover tissue paper from gifts and this project for perfect for recycling gift tissue. This craft is fun, festive, and frugal.

You’ll need:
• 1 sheet of construction paper
• brown marker or crayon
• tissue paper
• glue

First, draw branches on a sheet of paper with your marker. Next, children can help scrunch up pieces of tissue paper into balls to form the flowers. Glue your flowers directly to the branches, allow to dry, and hang on the refrigerator to add cheerful spring color to your kitchen.

craft-2.jpgSpring Rainstick
The first rainstick is thought to have been invented by the Aztecs that later spread throughout South and Central America. Others believe that the Diaguita Indians of Chile invented this instrument to help bring rain. Either way, rainsticks are fun to make and create a wonderful sound.

You’ll need:
• 1 cardboard tube (Long and sturdy is best. Toilet paper tubes tend to be a bit too flimsy.)
• aluminum foil
• 2 rubber bands
• tacks or nails
• filler: dried beans, corn kernels, rice, small buttons and/or beads
• markers or crayons

To get started, push your tacks or nails into the tube. Remember, percussion is greater and the sound is better if you use a lot of tacks. Roll your tube in aluminum foil. Squeeze the foil tight to the tube, stuff the excess foil inside one of the ends into the tube, and secure with a rubber band. Next, pour your filler items into the open end of the tube.  Last, seal up the open end with the aluminum foil and your other rubber band. Decorate your rainsticks using markers, crayons, or even stickers. Allow to dry before you shake.

craft-3.jpgRacing Rainbow
This is a fun outdoor project for pre-school-aged children, especially those who love cars. It provides opportunities to learn about colors, gravity, and counting.

You’ll need:
• race cars (that are okay to paint)
• white construction paper
• heavy cardboard
• shoebox (weighted)
• tape
• washable, non-toxic paint

First, make a ramp with the shoe box and white construction paper taped to the heavy cardboard. Lean the cardboard from the edge of the shoebox to the ground. Dip your race car wheels in each color and place at the top of the ramp. Let each child take a turn pushing their race car down the ramp. The wheel tracks create a fun rainbow pattern. Repeat and enjoy.

craft-4.jpgString Easter Eggs
These Easter eggs make for a fun project to decorate your children’s rooms, and, if stored carefully, will last year after year.

You’ll need:
• water balloons
• embroidery floss
• manual air pump
• craft glue
• wax paper

Blow up several balloons with the air pump. Cut 6 to 8 arm-lengths of embroidery floss for each balloon. Mix a bowl of glue with a bit of water. The water should still be sticky, but not thick.  Dunk a piece of your thread into the watery glue. Make sure the entire length of the thread is saturated. Grab one end of thread and wring it out between your fingers as you pull it from the bowl.

Next, wrap the thread around the balloon. Repeat this process for each balloon and place on the wax paper to dry. Allow the strings to dry for at least 2 hours. Next, pop the balloons to reveal the threaded egg form. Last, either display your string eggs in a lovely bowl or tie them with thread at one end to hang from an overhead light, mantle, or doorway.

craft-5.jpgEgg Carton Daffodils
This is a wonderful craft for all ages. Bring the outdoor blooms indoors with this sweet craft project.

You’ll need:
• egg cartons
• white, yellow, orange paints
• paint brush
• white, yellow construction paper
• scissors
• glue
• pencil

To start, tear the cups out of the egg carton. These cups serve as the middle part of the flower. Tear the edges roughly (don’t cut with scissors) so they look like natural ruffles. Paint the torn egg cartons orange and/or yellow.

Next, draw a template for each flower, trace on paper, and cut each one out. (Remember, daffodils have 6 petals.) Pinch the middle of each petal to give it a 3-dimensional look. Glue the painted egg cups to the middle of each flower. You can glue the flowers on another piece of construction paper or place them around your dinner table for a festive look.

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