QMT - Hand-Tuned Windchimes Made in Virginia

QMT Windchimes originated in the Florida craft show circuit in the early 1980s. Mike Throne camped in the back of his van and traveled to craft shows selling different products, including wind chimes from a local producer. When his source for chimes dried up, Mike began to build his own handmade wind chimes, with an eye toward quality and continually improving his designs.

qmt-chimes-2.jpgWorking during the week in a 10’ x 20’ warehouse, Mike produced the chimes that would be sold on the weekend. He was determined to offer the buying public a chime that was as beautiful to see as it was to hear. And it worked; the demand for his windchimes soon overwhelmed his ability to make them himself. So, he took a deep breath and became a young entrepreneur following the American dream. He hired his first employees, found a facility in Virginia, and set down roots in the community to produce quality handmade windchimes for wholesale trade shows.

QMT Windchimes has been manufacturing wind chimes in Manassas Park, Virginia for over 30 years. They use raw materials from American lumber and aluminum suppliers. Each tube is precision-cut and hand-tuned so that it produces a note that is true to its scale. When combined together, the clearest notes produce the purest harmony, and the most musical chime. Bring your own home HERE.

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