NPS Centennial: Honeymooning in Glacier National Park



This summer, my wife and I drove 2,210 miles to Glacier National Park in Montana for our honeymoon.  We chose Glacier because we had a friend in Bozeman, Montana that told us about her experience there. After we did some research, we decided that traveling to Glacier National Park would be out perfect honeymoon destination.

Glacier-Travis-3.jpgThe sheer size of everything in Glacier National Park is unbelievable and none of the 1,200 photos that we took do it any kind of justice. The forest is so dense that there is very little visibility. This can be very nerve-racking, considering Glacier has the second largest grizzly bear population in the country behind Alaska.  

We secured a camp site and decided to eat at a nice local restaurant instead of cooking hamburgers back at the campsite.  This made my wife a very, very happy camper!  We had such a great time that we’re planning on going back in the future and exploring more of what has become my new absolute favorite National Park.  

- Travis, Mast Store Hendersonville

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