NPS Centennial: Discovering Desert Beauty in Zion



The desert offers both magical and mystical beauty. When I’m still, I can see the changes in the color of the landscape, and discover nature I didn’t see at first glance. As I see these things, I hear the desert calling me.

Zion-Deb-2.jpgZion National Park is located in southwest Utah. It contains rich history within its 229 square miles. You’ll find Sandstone cliffs, the Virgin River, a maze of narrow, deep sandstone canyons, and so much more.

While driving for work from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Salt Lake City, Utah, I was able to enjoy Zion for one day. When I arrived at the shuttle parking lot, it was bustling with activity. I quickly boarded the shuttle, full of excitement. As we drove along, I began listening to folks around me. They were all speaking foreign languages. These visitors had come from all over the world to enjoy our national park. WOW!

Zion-Deb-4.jpgOne of the famous trails, The Narrows, is a beautiful hike. You must be careful as you enter the narrow canyon passage as it’s subject sudden flooding. Lucky for me, the day I hiked the trail was absolutely beautiful. My favorite photo and memory of the day was of an older gentleman who was hiking ahead of me and enjoying the hike. He carried his items in a single, plastic grocery bag [pictured right]. I was immediately reminded that one only needs the desire and love of the outdoors to enjoy the beauty.

As the day progressed, the Sandstone changed to many colors. All were equally beautiful. I had just enough time for a quick hike to see the Emerald Lakes. They were indeed a lovely emerald green.

We are indeed lucky to have so many beautiful places in the United States. To learn more about Zion National Park visit HERE.

- Deb, Mast Store Home Office

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