Mast Store's Top 11 Gift Ideas for Mom

Happy Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is a little over a week away, so we know the stress of coming up with something special for your Mom is weighing on you. She is a hard one to find a gift for that’s just right. So, take a few cues from her – what does she like to do, where does she spend a lot of time, is there a gift you can give her to make something easier? Those are just a few of the questions you can ask to come up with the perfect gift, which Mom always taught you should be “thoughtful, useful, or heartfelt.” We think it’s best when they are all three. Here are a few ideas.

Lodge Cast Iron#11 Cast Iron Cookware from Lodge
It’s not just a skillet; it’s an heirloom. There are many reasons that cast iron is found in so many kitchens. It’s flexible – after all, you can use it in the oven, on the stovetop, or even on the grill or a campfire. It heats evenly, so it cooks evenly. It’s naturally non-stick. Lodge makes pre-seasoned cast iron, so it is ready to roll after a quick first clean up. And, if you take care of it, it’ll last a lifetime (or two or three). If your Mom loves spending time in the kitchen, hands down, this is a great gift.

Journals from In Blue Handmade#10 Journals from In Blue Handmade
Whether she’s off to see the world or out and about in town, a journal can come in handy for making quick lists, noting a specific restaurant she simply must tell her friend Jeanne about in downtown Durango, or capturing thoughts and ideas when hiking on the Tanawha Trail. The journals from In Blue Handmade are crafted in Asheville, NC and feature a number of different cover designs printed on soft and supple leather. Several sizes are available, and you can get refills HERE.

Scarves#9 Scarves
A scarf is a powerful fashion accessory! It can dress up or dress down any outfit. It can create movement or tie different ideas together. It can create distance to help soften colors or it can add a pop of color. It is like a superhero for the fashion world. Mast Store’s collection of scarves includes patterns, colors, and different materials. For the summer, stick with something light and airy. Of course, a scarf with a little more heft can brace against the chill of some of summer’s nights.

Purses#8 Purses
We’re the first to acknowledge that a purse is a very personal accessory. However, if you are observant, we think you can hit the nail on the head. For fun and lighthearted Moms, let’s start with Rope Bags from KAVU. They are available in tons of designs and two sizes. KAVU also makes market bags, satchels, and wallets. If your Mom likes to travel, you might look for styles from Baggallini or Travelon. Both of these brands are noted for their travel savvy. And, because we can’t resist fun, check out the fun designs from Chala and Bungalow 360.

Lumbar Packs from Mountainsmith#7 Fanny Packs
In some ways, it’s hard to believe we are saying this, but yes, fanny packs are regaining their popularity and for good reasons. They are probably one of the most versatile items you can wear on the trail – any trail, from the back country to an urban setting. Mountainsmith makes a number of lumbar packs, so you can find just the right size and features to get the job done. These lumbar packs are a great choice for a day at a festival or an amusement park because your Mom can easily keep everything she’ll need close at hand – something to drink, a snack or two, a camera, her phone, ponchos, keys, a wallet, and more.  

Flower of the Month Bracelets#6 Flower of the Month Bracelets
Moms love flowers, but if you bring a bouquet, it might last only a few days or in the best of circumstances, a week. A Flower of the Month Bracelet from Salisbury Pewter blooms perpetually. These bracelets are made from pewter by craftspeople right here in the United States.  Choose a bracelet for her birth month or her favorite flower; Mom will think of you every time she wears it.

#5 Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock
What a great way to take a break anywhere! ENO Hammocks come in a dazzling array of colors, so you’re sure to find your Mom’s favorite combination. Now, she can have a getaway in the backyard, on her favorite trail, or by the lake. Choose from a SingleNest or the popular DoubleNest, and don’t forget the straps. There’s even a new Fuse Tandem Hammock System, which makes it easier to hang two hammocks together. You and your Mom can hang out with each other!

Hydration#4 Hydration Options In Favorite Colors
Staying hydrated is important to Mom’s physical well-being. Now, she can have water (or her other favorite beverage) close at hand no matter where she is. There are so many options, it may be hard to choose, so here’s a guide. YETI Ramblers come in eight different sizes, with several different configurations within the sizes. Some are great for coffee, while others will be more useful for cold drinks. Hydro Flask offers seven different sizes with different tops and lids. They also offer a wine bottle, wine tumbler, and insulated stainless pint “glasses” in a myriad of colors. Klean Kanteen is another popular choice in stainless water bottles. If Mom prefers a plastic bottle, check out options from Nalgene, a true classic in hydration, and Camelbak (we love their lids with straws).

A I Root Candles#3 Candles
Mom is going to love these scented candles! Made by the A.I. Root Company in Medina, OH, they are fragrant with a purpose. Candles and waterfalls have relaxing properties and produce negative ions that are essential to having a good attitude and good health. Most people don’t have a waterfall in their backyards or in their homes, but you can light up a candle. These candles are made using soy wax and essential oils formulated to help her relax, energize, or awaken. As one of our staff members reviewed, “the fragrance fills the entire room without being overpowering.”

Birdhouses#2 Birdhouses
Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing activities in the United States. You can be as active or passive as you wish – watching them from your porch or actively seeking them out on a hike to the heights of Grandfather Mountain for the annual hawk count. We’ll focus on the more passive side with these birdhouses made by Doug Osborne, who’s from Tennessee. Your Mom can sit on the porch, enjoy a cool glass of sweet tea, and watch the birds fly about in the garden. Of course, there are other options for hummingbirds and large, “multi-family” dwellings for birds, too.

Board Games#1 Game Night
You remember those Friday Family Fun Nights. It was pizza for supper and then everyone gathered together for a game of Go Fish, Rummy, or Monopoly. Well, they don’t have to be over. There’s a whole slew of new board games and re-releases of classics that are made just for fun. We’ll be honest with you. There’s a secret behind this suggestion. We all want to spend more time with Mom, and this’ll do just the trick. Most of these games can bring together the whole family for pizza and game nights again. And isn’t your time with Mom the best gift of all?

Happy Mother’s Day!


Flower of the Month Bracelet

Flower Of The Month Bracelet


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