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It's time to celebrate the birth of a nation—and we can think of no better time to call out the great selection of products we carry that are made right here in the USA, some not too far from our front doors! That's right. You'll find local items, hand-crafted, bottled, stitched, or hewn right in your area as well as quality goods from across the US. Our Made in USA collection has gotten quite extensive and continues to add more and more fabulous products that we're proud to carry-- and you'll be proud to own.  

This post kicks off our USA-proud tour as we showcase our excellent products from across the nation first and then in our stores’ hometowns from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. So, join us and let’s take a trip across the great USA and see what Mast Store proudly brings to you from right here at home.   
Over Under ClothingOver Under Clothing

With over 95% of their products produced in the US, and a goal of 100%, Over Under has established their Made in USA proud company with the intent of staying deeply rooted in American traditions. From their Mississippi-grown cotton to the Texas leather, the company means business when it comes to sourcing, producing, and working in the USA. And their quality clothes prove that commitment to be worth the effort.

Winkler KnivesWinkler Knives

Forged right here in North Carolina, Winkler undertakes to custom-manufacture a diverse line of high performance edged tools as well as breaching and rescue tools. It doesn't get more USA-proud than serving our men and women in uniform. And Winkler proudly makes weapons and tools for Seals and soldiers who love their brand. Their tools are contracted with several branches of the armed forces and first appeared in film in the Last of the Mohicans. Aside from their notoriety, Winker produces a product that is made to last and made to perform like no other on the market. All done just a stone's throw from out back yard in NC. 

Mast Store PotteryMast Branded Pottery

Texas-made pottery with the Mast Store logo is as American as it gets. The high-quality pieces are the perfect example of well-made traditions that never go out of style. The Old World style is carefully crafted to stand up to everyday use as well as to serve as beautiful reminders of past traditions from grandma's kitchen to your own. There are several patterns to choose from including wisteria, pine bough, bear, and traditional blue stripe, which has a large selection for table and kitchen.

Amish RockersAmish Furniture

Pennsylvania-based Amish friends of Mast craft these beautiful pieces of functional art by hand. Each piece is signed and dated by the person who makes it. Rocking chairs and other Amish furniture pieces are made primarily during the winter and early spring season because time isn't being invested in the fields. The craft is passed generation to generation by masters taking on an apprentice. Roman Troyer makes many of the pieces you'll find at the Mast Store, and he has for years. 

Rocking chairs, gliders, and footstools are included in the regular Mast Store offering, but other items can be special ordered. Be sure to ask when you visit your favorite store, and remember this furniture is not made to use out of doors. 

ThermarestTherm-A-Rest Camping Mattresses/Pillows 

Most people think a good night's sleep is impossible on the trail. Not so. Since 1971, when two engineers from Boeing were challenged to make a better outdoor mattress, Therm-A-Rest has been proving that their USA-made mattresses and pillows are the best out there. With a product that is lightweight, comfortable, and warm, this company wins the day ... and the night. They carry several designs and sizes with specialty items tailor-made for your sleep needs and all made in the USA with the quality and comfort that is unmatched.

windchimesQMT Windchimes

What's that sound? The sound of American-made genius on your front porch. Made in Virginia, these exceptional wind chimes combine the superior tones of centrally suspended tubes and a pleasing aesthetic. The sounds produced are done so to be specifically rounded and pleasant to the ear, each hitting certain note/tones to create a pleasurable experience like no other. The chimes come in several styles, colors, and sounds, so everyone can find something for their specific tastes. QMT manufactures the chimes in Manassas Park, Virginia, using raw materials like American lumber and aluminum suppliers to craft their masterful products. Start to finish, these chimes are 100% American Made. 

A.I. Root Candles

AI Root Candles

AI Root is the American company that started with a bee swarm in Medina, Ohio and remains rooted there today. Their founders are known as America's first family of Beekeeping. And for good reason. AI Root now crafts artisan candles that are good for the environment and for the user. The all natural beeswax they use is a testament to their devotion to purity, honesty, and quality. Each Root candle is carefully handcrafted using the techniques mastered over five generations of Bee People. Today, they combine their stellar craftsmanship with the latest in manufacturing technologies with a pure, simple end product that candle lovers praise. Root Candles are highly regarded, not just for their pure product, but also for the attention to detail and performance. The scents are delicate but lasting with a beautiful presentation that makes them the best in the industry since 1869.

Farm to Feet SocksFarm to Feet Socks 

100% US ingredients. 100% US manufacturing. 100% American workers. That's not something many companies can boast. But Farm to Feet is truly 100% American made. Knowing their supply from across the entire US-only supply chain allows FTF to have quality control over every step of the process. It also means a better environmental footprint on top of the best-performing socks available. From the pristine Merino wool sheared off western US sheep to the sustainably-sourced manufacturing headquarters in Mt. Airy, NC, Farm to Feet is dedicated to making the best socks in the world right here in the USA.

Savannah BeeSavannah Bee Co.

Savannah Bee’s founder is still the curator and sommelier of Savannah Bee Co. because bees and their amazing world are his passion. He knows honey, and he knows that honey is not just good food-- it's also good food for your skin. Savannah Bee boasts a line of honey and beeswax goods that includes lip balms, lotions, shampoos, and honey as food as well. Ted Dennes first entered the business world in 1999 when his friend began selling his tupelo honey in his Savannah store. The majority of their products are still USA Made and still have a devoted founder ensuring his products' quality. "Savannah Bee Company grew out of my passion for bees, beekeeping and honey. Our specialty honey is the culmination of a 35-year search for the world’s best. Our beauty products deliver real benefits derived from treasured hive ingredients– beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and honey." Again, making the best possible product and getting better every time is the American way and the Savannah Bee Co. way.

Badger BalmBadger

The Badger company was started in 1995 by Bill Whyte, a carpenter working in the cold New Hampshire winters. And having sore, rough hands that needed attention badly, he created an amazing balm that helped his cracked hands. It was so good and so effective that he wanted to share it with the world. Their focus is on a quality product that produces a quality experience. Badger only uses ingredients that fit rigorous natural standards for "healthy agriculture, minimal processing, sustainable supply chain, and health-giving properties." They continue to combine tradition and research to create amazing and effective products that you can feel good using. Still made in New Hampshire with care and quality, Badger remains a testament to the best of USA Made products.

From knives to jewelry to rockers to country gourmet delights, Mast Store's USA collection is top notch. Come see for yourself and support Made in USA products and the people behind them. What better way to say Happy Birthday, USA than by celebrating the treasures the land and people have to offer us all. Have a great Fourth of July, and stay tuned for more locally-made products coming to you in the following weeks as we search our home states for more excellent products.  

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