Made in TN

Made in TN


Our Tennessee roots have given us many wonderful products over the years. Some of these you'll recognize as THE go-to for the items they help create. Mast is proud to work hard to find quality products and manufacturers, so we can bring you the best of the best in our local communities.

Lodge Cast IronLodge Cast Iron

When you want something just like Grandma used to make it, you reach for the authority on good old-fashioned country gourmet cooking, Lodge Cast Iron. Made in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, this brand is a legend unto itself, and the only USA manufacturer of cast iron cookware. Food that comes from the heart and from these astonishing pieces of culinary mastery is bound to please the most discerning critic. For more than 100 years, Lodge has brought you THE pans and pots for cornbread, fried chicken, potato cakes, pies, and even upgraded favorites like pizza. The sturdy, pre-seasoned cast iron has become an iconic name and a culinary byword for quality and craftsmanship chefs and home cooks count on. 

Iron Mountain Metal CraftIron Mountain Metal Craft

This Forged in Fire favorite from the foothills of the Great Smokies still does things the old-fashioned way, with skilled, hands-on craftsmanship wielders can rely on. Since 2004, they've been crafting the some of the finest knives in Tennessee, and truly some of the best in the USA. It's a 4th-generation family business owned and operated, read all pieces crafted, by Robby Bowman and his son, who literally forge their business in fires. Everything is hand-crafted, shaped by anvil, hammer, and heat, as well as the tradition and skill of these mountain artists. Their mission is to preserve and pass on the knowledge, art, and skill of quality craftsmanship in metalworking from blacksmithing to blade-smithing. They pride themselves on being a family business with the end goal of sharing this craft with others. And to that end, you can even visit their forge to make your own knife! Or pick up one of their masterpieces, carbon-treated, strong steel blades with character and lasting quality, in our knife shops. 

Muddy Pond SorghumMuddy Pond Sorghum

Muddy Pond Sorghum is planted, harvested, and processed by the Guenther family at their small farm on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. Three generations of the Guenther family work together to produce this sweet treat that many often confuse with molasses. The two are markedly different. Molasses comes from sugar cane. Sorghum is a byproduct of a grass that, when boiled, produces this natural sweetener. Delicious as a dessert topping or sweetener, and amazing in cookies and cakes, Muddy Pond Sorghum is also perfect for glazing veggies and creating a stirfry sauce. 

Colonel LittletonColonel Littleton

Things done the American way--with pride, skill, and quality materials to craft the best possible end product for the customer. From bracelets and belts to briefcases and billfolds, Colonel Littleton has quality control over every product. Everything is hand-crafted in small town, USA, also known as Linnville, Tennessee using methods and tools passed down from their forefathers since 1987, when Littleton began by packaging vintage cufflinks. That led into knives, unique packaging, and other much-needed items he saw a niche for -- a desire among consumers to have something of quality and craftsmanship that could be keepsakes, priceless family heirlooms to be handed down. To make that kind of product, Colonel Littleton personally designs each item, going for a nostalgic feel and a lasting value. Each piece is a work of art, whether big or small, and can be relied upon to last to be handed down to the next generation.  

Smartwool SocksSmartwool

Wool is smart. It cools in heat and warms in cold, and Smartwool harnesses the intelligence of nature to create socks, gloves, and even base layers and coats that folks can count on in extreme conditions as well as everyday wear. Together with cutting-edge technology, the finest Merino wool is transformed into the best products on the market.

The company started in the heart of Colorado, but the socks are knit in sister states Tennessee and North Carolina by the best craftsman and designers who take their socks seriously. The products themselves are not just tech-savvy and naturally amazing, they are incredibly comfortable and wearable. But they are more than that, they are the products of timeless craftsmanship and skilled fiber-to-form knitters with good, old-fashioned American know-how. Mast Store seeks only the best for our shelves, and we are so happy to bring you these quality socks with a sheep-to-sock seal of approval. Who knew the world's best performance socks were made right here in the USA, in our own backyards? 

Mast knew. We hope you enjoy these and many more proudly made USA products from our shelves to your homes. 

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