Fiesta – American's Favorite Dinnerware



Fiesta was introduced by The Homer Laughlin China Company with great fanfare at the Pittsburgh China & Glass Show in 1936. It was an immediate hit with the public and, by its second year of production, more than one million pieces were produced.

fiestaware-2.jpgThe original five colors were red, yellow, cobalt blue, green and ivory and the shapes of Fiesta were created in an Art Deco style with concentric circles highlighting the bright colors.  Over the years, new colors have been introduced, and Fiesta has become a trendsetter of color for the housewares industry. In the 79 years since the dinnerware was first produced, there have been a total of 47 colors in the line.

All the while, collectors have continued to add to their personal collection of Fiesta, adding to the pieces handed down by their mothers and grandmothers. Today, Fiesta dinnerware is the most collected dinnerware in the history of the tabletop industry, with well over one half billion pieces produced right in the U.S.A. Start your own collection HERE.