Farm to Feet Socks

We’re proud to introduce our new favorite All-American product! Farm To Feet takes the statement “Made in the USA” seriously. From the Merino wool sheared from US-raised sheep to the packaging that helps tell the story, it's all made right here.

It requires more than just being “Made in the USA” to produce a 100% American made product. The assertion 100% American means a product is solely sourced from a U.S. based supply chain with U.S. produced raw materials.  Farm To Feet socks are made with wool, spandex, and nylon – all produced in the United States.  In addition, the paperboard and inks in their packaging are also produced in America.

Why wear wool? It’s a resilient fiber that wicks moisture from your skin, so you can stay dry and comfortable.  Wool isn’t just for winter wear, either. A natural temperature regulator, wool helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, too.  With its long, silky fibers, merino wool feels soft against your skin, providing itch-free comfort.

All Farm to Feet socks are made using U.S. grown Merino wool sourced from American Sheep Industry ranchers. The American Sheep Industry is a federation of 45 state sheep associations representing over 82,000 sheep producers throughout the U.S.  With a rich history dating back to 1865, ASI’s largest division is the American Wool Council, which promotes the use of American wool both domestically and internationally.  As a producer of the 100% American socks, Farm To Feet proudly sources all their our merino wool from these producers.

Nylon and Spandex are also critical components of a great pair of performance socks.  Nylon is important for providing structure, durability, and reinforcing high impact areas like the heel and toe.  In addition, nylon allows for the addition of stylish colors, designs, and logos. Spandex is essential for providing stretch and ensuring the perfect fit from the welt through the toe.   All the nylon and spandex used in Farm To Feet socks is produced in the United States.

And be sure to check out the packaging; you'll get to know some members of the Farm to Feet Family - farmer, shearer, spinning, knitting! You'll definitely like the feeling you get from these socks, and your feet will, too! Take home your very own pair of awesome socks by clicking HERE.

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