Every Step a Legacy

Over a century and a half ago, and twenty years before Mast General Store opened our doors in Western North Carolina, a storied American manufacturer was founded in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Two men contributed $150 each to the development of what has become the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States. This is the story of Frye boots.

frye-1.jpgFrye boots have seamlessly struck a balance between two worlds - fashion and function - for many decades. They've been worn by both Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War, by American troops during World War II, and by farmers, fashionistas, and college students alike.

From the Frye historical archives: "In the 1890s, Marlboro manufactured more shoes than any other city in the United States. During that time, Frye was one of the largest and more successful footwear companies in the entire country."

At the forefront of technological advancement of the time, the Frye factory was the first of the nearly 20 firms in Marlboro to convert from steam to electrical power. In fact, Frye was the first factory in town to run on electricity.  

frye-2.jpgWith its quality leather and precision stitching, this boot is a testimony to Frye’s impeccable craftsmanship. The Harness boot is their signature style and has become a modern icon. The boot features studs and a harness ring inspired by the cavalry soldiers of the Civil War. These signature boots have been worn by everyone from Bing Crosby to Jackie Kennedy and from Laurel & Hardy to Barbara Streisand.

Known for comfort and style, perhaps most Frye boot wearers most value their durability. We've met grandmothers who've worn their favorite pair of Frye's since their children were babies; farmers who labor in cattle pastures as well as traveling musicians who zig-zag across the country with their honky tonk bands both rave about the seemingly endless wearability of their favorite pair of Fryes.

What story will your Frye boots tell about you decades from now? Begin your journey with a single step by clicking HERE.

Check out this video about how Frye Boots are made:


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