Dream Green with Paddywax

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Paddywax has been crafting American-made, artisanal, and eco-friendly candles and soaps for nearly 20 years. They’ve dedicated themselves to creating something lovely for every home and their candles and soaps combine innovative scents and creative designs for every gift-giving occasion.

paddywax-1.jpgSoy candles, like the Eco Green Candles by Paddywax, are all-around better than regular paraffin candles. Why? They're all natural and produce far less soot; they burn 50% longer than regular candles, and they're non-toxic. Plus, the containers are actually up-cycled wine bottles, which makes these candles even better for the environment.

If an Eco Green Soap is what you’re looking for, Paddywax offers triple milled soaps made in the 19th-century French tradition for lasting fragrance. Shea Butter provides essential skin moisturizing vitamins that soothes the skin while olive oil, which is rich in anti-oxidants, hydrates and protects. The fragrance blends of each soap are developed to distribute the most natural aroma through the use of natural ingredients.

Pamper yourself or treat a friend to a deliciously-scented and environmentally-friendly gift from Paddywax by clicking HERE.

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