March 22, 2016
Mast Store Waynesville's Fascinating Location History Revealed - Part Two

toggery-wvl.jpgLast week, we dug into the early years of Waynesville’s Mast Store location and the incredible life of the doctor whose home once stood there. To read about Dr. Rogers, his life and home, click HERE. This week, we’re exploring 63 North Main Street as it becomes a place of commerce.

Tags: Behind the Scenes, Local Flavor, Waynesville
March 17, 2016
Mast Store Waynesville's Fascinating Location History Revealed - Part One

dr-rogers-house-wvl-oxen-2.jpgMast General Store owners, John and Faye Cooper, have been committed to selecting older, often historical buildings, for our store locations from the very beginning. The Original Store in Valle Crucis first opened its doors for business in 1883. The store served as the hub of commerce in the heart of the Valle for decades, but was temporarily closed for several years in the late 1970s. Thankfully, the Cooper’s unique vision led them to reopen the store in 1980, nearly 100 years after Mast General Store was originally built. Since that time, our company’s leadership continues to select older buildings for new store locations. Just like the Original Store, each Mast Store building has its own incredible history. Today, we uncover a Mast Store mystery that’s eluded us for 25 years… the exciting history of the Mast Store in Waynesville, North Carolina.

Tags: Waynesville, Behind the Scenes, Local Flavor
March 9, 2016
Spring Birding Made Easy

birding-two-4.jpgSome folks consider birding the best scavenger hunt available to mankind.  Last year, we explored Backyard Birding Made Easy. This year, we’re going to apply those principles to birding in the great outdoors. In celebration of the National Parks System’s 100th year, we’ve included a few tips on where to seek out and how to successfully identify birds in the woods and along the trail in a National Park nearest you.

Tags: Winston-Salem, Columbia, Knoxville, Greenville, Asheville, Hendersonville, Waynesville, Boone, Valle Crucis, Local Flavor, Adventure
March 2, 2016
24 Hours in Waynesville, NC

24-wvl-4.jpgWaynesville, North Carolina is a beautiful town nestled at the foot of the Smoky Mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway about 40 minutes south of Asheville. From the vibrant downtown area to the lush surrounding mountains, it's easy to understand why Waynesville has been a tourist destination for centuries.  Just as we did with Greenville, South Carolina in January, we're offering a small selection of our favorite spots to visit within walking distance of Mast Store at 63 North Main Street. Please come along.

Tags: Local Flavor, Adventure, Mast Family Favorites, Waynesville

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