Colonel Littleton - Fine Goods from the Heart of Tennessee

How did Colonel Littleton get started? Here’s the story from the Colonel himself:

I don’t want to say by accident, but it was a little that way. My previous line of work took me to some of the finest men’s stores in the country. Even though these stores had the best to offer in clothing and accessories and a clientele that appreciated finer things, I found their selection of gifts to be seriously lacking and not at all consistent in quality with their other merchandise. So, I saw a real need for unique gift items of high quality.

It all started when I bought 17 pairs of vintage cufflinks back in 1987. After carefully hand designing the packaging for 17 pairs, I took them to a few of the stores on which I called. I returned empty handed, selling all 17 pairs.

The excitement of providing others with products that were unique and designing my own packaging set the wheels turning. The colonel-littleton-2.jpgCol. Littleton business was born and is now in its 28th year of operation.

Handmade in a workshop in Lynnville, Tennessee, Colonel Littleton specializes in USA-made products that are crafted with careful, detailed handwork. As a “purveyor of fine accouterments in the Americana tradition,” Colonel Littleton hopes that his goods become treasured items to their owners and eventually, family heirlooms. Get yours HERE.

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