Celebrating Nepalese Culture at the Mast Store in Asheville



The Sherpa Adventure Gear line is a new addition to Mast Store’s offerings in the Outdoor Department. The brand is a living memorial to the high-altitude climbers who have assisted individuals, like Sir Edmund Hilary, and groups in their ascent of Mount Everest and other peaks in the Himalayas.

sherpa-4.jpgThe Sherpa are an ethnic group living in the most mountainous region of Nepal. They have adapted and thrive in one of the harshest climates in the world. It is from these roots that the Sherpa Adventure Gear brand draws its inspiration and tests its gear. The company utilizes the latest technical materials and designs and also weaves in a rich heritage of time-honored beliefs and humility.

Each item includes small prayer flags to help you achieve balance between the sky, water, wind, and the earth and is finished off with the Sherpa logo, which is an endless knot, symbolizing the connectedness of all things on earth.

sherpa-3.jpgIn addition to quality products, Sherpa believes that its brand can strengthen the fabric of its families, villages, and country by giving scholarships and meaningful employment to the people of Nepal. The handmade sweaters and hats are produced by small pods of knitters, who gather daily and create garments using ancient patterns and symbols. The company encourages its suppliers and retailers to use best practices and to be conscious of their impacts on the environment.

sherpa-2.jpgThe Mast Store in Asheville is hosting a Celebration of Nepalese Culture on Friday, March 31 from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. This special event will feature Nepalese foods and a presentation by Pema Sherpa, the daughter of Tashi Sherpa, the founder of the company. Folkmoot, Western North Carolina’s international festival, will also be there with information on this year’s celebration. Please join us!

You can take a peek at our Sherpa offerings by clicking HERE.



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