Ann Clark Cookie Cutters - Just Like Your Grandma Used

Ann Clark started out with little more than a pig-shaped Christmas ornament and a dream. After years of painting and creating small gifts for her children to give away, she set up shop in her garage and turned a hobby into a business. Armed with a small amount of start-up cash and unbridled enthusiasm, Ann tackled her first trade show. She set up a booth at the Philadelphia Gift Show featuring six cookie cutter designs and several other hand-made crafts and came home with $3,500 in orders. Ann Clark, the person, became Ann Clark, Ltd., the company.

Decades of love and labor later, Ann’s creative flair and love for baking has produced the largest cookie cutter company in the gift industry. With fans throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, The Cooann-clark-2.jpg kie Cutter People from Vermont are invited into kitchens all over the globe.

Ann Clark’s cookie cutters are just like the ones your Grandmother used when you were a tyke. They feature a sturdy tin handle, and each one comes with a colorful recipe card. Begin your own collection HERE.


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