An All-American Partnership

Mt. Airy sock manufacturer, Nester Hosiery, and Mast General Store have led parallel lives since our companies began collaborating in the early 1990s. As family-owned, environmentally-responsible companies that go the extra mile to provide quality products for their communities and beyond, both Mast and Nester are proud of their American roots.

Nearly twenty years ago, as the textile industry was collapsing in the southeast, the Nesters brought their family together, purchased a closed knitting facility, and hired workers left behind when other plants closed.

Nester maintained operations in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, during a period when similar local industries moved their operations to foreign countries or shuttered their doors completely. Beginning with 25 employees, Nester now maintains a force of over 225 experienced, dedicated and well-trained American workers. In a national address in 2012, President Obama praised Nester Hosiery for “insourcing” American jobs.

nester-hosiery.jpgMast Store Outfitters socks began as a collaborative effort between Mast General Store and Nester Hosiery. Mast Vice President, Lisa Cooper, shares, “We got together and designed a sock that’s soft to the touch, durable, and affordable, too. Collaborating on the design, fit and packaging, this sock has become a favorite among our guests and associates alike. We strongly believe in the craftsmanship of this product, which is why every pair comes with a lifetime warranty.

“As Nester has grown over the years, we’ve grown with them. They now build socks for American companies like REI, Cabela’s, KEEN, and LL Bean among many others,” Cooper continues. “We [at Mast] are always eager to support economic drivers in our region, as well as helping to support a company that values keeping manufacturing on our shores. Our partnership is one that we are both very proud of.”