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In the 1950s, 14-year-old Åke Nordin spent lots of time outdoors in Northern Sweden. The backpack he carried just didn't measure up to his adventures, so he set out to make a better one - one that could carry more weight and would evenly distribute it to make it more comfortable. His innovative wooden frame caught on quickly, and in 1960 Fjällräven became the first company to make and distribute framed backpacks.

Fjällräven means arctic fox in Swedish. The name of the company honors a highly adaptable predator that lives in the Swedish mountains under unbelievably harsh conditions. The company supports efforts to save this beautiful creature that is at risk of extinction.

From the idea for a better backpack to a movement to spend more enjoyable time in the outdoors, Fjällräven is a company guided by its own management compass. Using the four cardinal directions, but attaching its own meanings, the company approaches its mission – to become the most sustainable and premium outdoor brand – while addressing Nature, Economy, Society, and Wellbeing.

Free shipping on most orders of $49 or more. Flat rate of $5.99 under $49. Exclusions apply.

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