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From Genuine Handcrafted Amish to Authentic Made in North Carolina rocking chairs Mast General Store offers several perfect reasons to just sit a spell.

From the Amish Country     

The Amish are noted for doing things the old-fashioned way. In furniture building, that means quality and stability, as well as timeless styling.
     Our Amish furniture is hand crafted in the western Pennsylvania Amish country from a selection of either solid oak, or oak and hickory and is available in a light or dark finish.
      Taking pride in their work, the Amish construct each piece to exacting standards, which are passed down to younger generations through apprentice programs. To check to see if you have a true piece of Amish furniture, look for a signature of its crafter and a date of completion. All are important attributes with a piece of functional art that is likely to become a family heirloom.
      Although each piece is constructed using a pattern, there will be variations from piece to piece because they are handcrafted. Their designs aim for comfort and function. Rockers are constructed to fit the curvature of your back and to provide comfy seating for your bottom. Furniture does not qualify for Free Shipping.

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Troutman, A North Carolina Classic

     Troutman Chair Company, established in 1924, has been family owned since its inception. The Brown family of Troutman, North Carolina is responsible for maintaining the quality manufacturing processes for almost three-quarters of a century.
     Farm house solid oak shaker-style chairs, rockers, stools, children's chairs, and tables have been the mainstay for seventy-nine years.
     Oak logs are bought on site from local loggers and then milled at Troutman Chair’s own sawmill making them one of the last vertically integrated furniture manufacturers in the United States.      The wood is cut to dimension, stacked, and dried. Due to the nature of construction no glue is to be found in a Troutman product utilizing a time-honored technique called "swelled joint construction " whereby the fitting creates a much tighter fit than if they had been glued. A Troutman chair will get tighter over time. Furniture does not qualify for Free Shipping.

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Old Fashioned Gout Rocker

Once prescribed treatment for a painful foot ailment, the gout rocker is now a popular addition to any rocking chair. Serving as a rocking foot stool, as well as an interesting conversation piece, the rockers are also unbelievably comfortable when used as an ottoman with any chair or sofa. Handcrafted in Waynesville, NC the gout rockers are available in assorted fabrics however, with the loosening of four screws, they can be reupholstered with one piece of fabric remnant.

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